Thursday, March 13, 2014

Review - The Gendron Tarot

This is the Gendron Tarot, I think they are also out of print, but I am not sure. I bought mine used off from ebay out of curiosity.

These are a collage deck and it has bright colors throughout. It is definitely very unique. It has multi-cultural images sprinkled on the cards, which add to the appeal. There is also a lot of symbolism.

I think that there is enough traditional in the cards for a beginner, but be aware that some of the names are changed. Such as the devil being named, the deceiver. There is also a prince, and princess in the court cards.

I have noticed that the card stock is very sticky and very hard to shuffle and draw cards from. I do not know if the person who owned these prior to me did not care for them properly, or if everyone who has a deck experiences the same thing. I probably will not keep this deck for that reason.

Blessed Be

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