Saturday, April 23, 2016

Nurture Yourself

Victorian Romantic Tarot & Celtic Lenormand
The King of Cups keeps everyone working together, and is patient in trying circumstances. He also teaches with loving attentions.

The three Lenormand cards talk about a commitment to friendships & family.

I will probably communicate with one of my daughters while she is at her fathers, like we usually do. Perhaps I will find time to get together with a friend as well? Who knows. It's always a little difficult for me to be away from my kids, so I am sure I will have to preoccupy myself in a nurturing way. We should all be reminded to do that!

Have a blessed Saturday!

Friday, April 22, 2016

Too Tired to Fight

Victorian Romantic Tarot & Celtic Lenormand
Oh dear, look at the load on her back, and in her arms? She must be tired and ready to just drop everything and rest her poor aching body. But she cradles a baby in her arms, so she knows she can't just let go, but she must be more careful.

The three Lenormand cards suggest that happiness has a price, and sometimes there is unavoidable conflict.

I am not sure what all that is about, but I am guessing that I will certainly be relieved that the weekend is finally here! I get to relax, and put aside my school stuff for 24 hours before I have to start studying for the week ahead. Oh goodness, it is going to feel so good! But before I can do that, I first have to take my kids to see their father. So not up for the extra miles I have to drive.

I hope there won't be any quarrels today, because I am too tired to fight.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

The Ache in My Heart

Victorian Romantic Tarot & Celtic Lenormand
I LOVE this 2 of Swords picture. It is breathtaking. The waves crashing against rocks, and the sky full of dark clouds, maybe predicting a storm that is near. But the person in the picture braces herself, and has a calm look. The muscles in her face are relaxed and untroubled. She hides stress very well, and ignores warning signs. Perhaps she is just meditating on what is to come, fearing for the future, and guarding her heart.

The three Lenormand cards that follow predict a letter from a childhood sweetheart. Maybe it will cause some aching in my heart, or remind me of troubling times. I am guessing that it will keep me on the fence about something.

We will soon see! Have a blessed day.


I actually worked in a nursing home today where a man was visiting his wife. He told me that they have been together for many years (high school sweethearts). She always put up with his shenanigans, and he appreciates her so much. He said that they got old too fast, and forgot to talk about what measurements to use when they were unable to care for themselves. It made me sad. I cried on the way home thinking about it.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

The Paradox

I found a new copy of The Heart of Faerie Oracle by Brian & Wendy Froud. I can tell already that it is going to be a favorite.

While asking the character of two questionable females, the cards didn't mince words.

Said female #1 - The Lady of Leprechauns:

I asked what I need to know about her. In the beautiful hardback book, I get, "Leprechauns are tricky, their Lady is even more so." and, "Remember that her gifts are not what they appear to be."

"You may be wise to thank her and walk away empty-handed."

So, there we have it! Beautiful but not so honest or friendly.

Said female #2 - The Paradox:

I asked what I need to know about her. The book spells it out again ...

"... good but bad at the same time, and in equal parts."

"Examine your feelings, your intuition, your hunches."

"... be very very careful about how you proceed in this relationship."

Just look at the picture. Two faces. Wow! Can't get anymore direct than that.

Then I asked, how I should proceed.

The Green Woman:

"Relationships call for a gentle greening sometimes."

"Be strong in your convictions, but gentle in the manner in which you present them."

So there it is. I was right. Now for the hard part. Wish me luck!


Victorian Romantic Tarot & Celtic Lenormand
The Page of Cups appears today. For me this card usually reminds me to forgive people, and respond with care rather than anger.

The three Lenormand cards that follow predict relief, and a positive outcome to something that could otherwise bring pain, or burden.

I look forward to seeing what it is. Positive outcomes are always good!


Respond with care rather than anger sounds about right (from above). I was invited to lunch this afternoon, but it turned out to be more grief than what it was worth. The food was good, but the company wasn't the best, I ended up feeling burden for the rest of the day, knowing that I am getting played by fake friends.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Friend or Foe?

Victorian Romantic Tarot & Celtic Lenormand
Oh my! Look at The Devil I drew today. She certainly is quite alluring, isn't she? The money at her feet, the beautiful jewels in her hand, the flowers, what is a girl to do? For me this card is usually about procrastination, and being enslaved by something.

The three Lenormand cards following talk about an end to public confusion, or quick confusion via a social network, or even hurtful public confusion. I suppose they will leave me doubting myself ... The Devil. Perhaps something at school? Maybe even questions on a test?

Hmmm. Well, I will post an update later. I hope it isn't too serious. Have a blessed day!


I had a painful headache this afternoon. Ugh! I had to stay after school an extra three hours to do labs, so I certainly felt enslaved!

Monday, April 18, 2016

Wack a Mole

Victorian Romantic Tarot & Celtic Lenormand
Today I drew the Page of Wands. For me this Page is about taking action & being assertive. This Page likes to move beyond doubts, and be a step up from everyone else.

The three Lenormand cards drawn may certainly be the reason for this assertiveness. It looks like it may call for some digging around and finding out about a man's behavior, or reason behind a troubling message.

Whatever the case, I am not looking forward to today! I hope it's something minor. *sigh*

The day is not over yet, but I am wondering if the fox + man + rider could be me sneaking messages to a guy during class. LOL

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Another Playboy

Victorian Romantic Tarot & Celtic Lenormand

I really want to get back into doing daily draws but school has been keeping me SO BUSY! Some days I wonder what the heck I was thinking when I signed up, but other days I feel like I am accomplishing something worth while. Nursing is certainly a rewarding career choice, but I can't wait to use the skills that I am learning in a real world setting.

Today I drew the Knight of Cups from the Victorian Romantic Tarot. He is a charming young man with sparkling armor. He is well protected except for his head. He looks up at the sky as if daydreaming about something bigger than himself. His hair is longer and has a bit of curl. It seems the girls go nuts over curls because he is surrounded by several beauties. He could have his pick of any of them. I know who this playboy is for me today; he is the man that my affections have turned toward in the last couple of days. He just so happens to be venturing into "single" status. Even though I am quite excited about this, it appears that he is in no hurry to set his sights on just one woman. In fact, his sights are set on any! They paw all over him, but he looks like he hardly notices, and might even be annoyed. For now his head is in the clouds, and he contemplates his next move. I suppose I should back off a bit, and let him take care of business. After-all, I have quite a bit on my own plate right now. I am a patient person, and will certainly invite my own distractions.

The next three cards are drawn from the Celtic Lenormand. They seem to go along with what I mention above. This man has much to manage right now from past commitments, and I should gently nurture the friendship between us.

Off to study. Much to learn.