Thursday, April 21, 2016

The Ache in My Heart

Victorian Romantic Tarot & Celtic Lenormand
I LOVE this 2 of Swords picture. It is breathtaking. The waves crashing against rocks, and the sky full of dark clouds, maybe predicting a storm that is near. But the person in the picture braces herself, and has a calm look. The muscles in her face are relaxed and untroubled. She hides stress very well, and ignores warning signs. Perhaps she is just meditating on what is to come, fearing for the future, and guarding her heart.

The three Lenormand cards that follow predict a letter from a childhood sweetheart. Maybe it will cause some aching in my heart, or remind me of troubling times. I am guessing that it will keep me on the fence about something.

We will soon see! Have a blessed day.


I actually worked in a nursing home today where a man was visiting his wife. He told me that they have been together for many years (high school sweethearts). She always put up with his shenanigans, and he appreciates her so much. He said that they got old too fast, and forgot to talk about what measurements to use when they were unable to care for themselves. It made me sad. I cried on the way home thinking about it.

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