Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Lakota Wheel of the Year Spread

A friend of mine, Donnaleigh, came up with this yearly spread that I just had to try for myself. It is very interesting, but VERY time consuming. I think if I were to do this in the future, I would do it monthly instead of the whole year at once. :)

Lakota Wheel of the Year Spread - here

Here is a picture of my spread. My table was not cleared off so I ended up using my living room floor. The fun was trying to keep my kitten off from the cards. I think she wants me to teach her to read them. :)

I ended up putting two Tarot cards - Hudes Deck and two Lenormand cards - Apprentice Deck on each virtue above, and then I cast some of my crow stones on them.

After doing so, I snapped a picture and then wrote down each of the monthly drawings in a notebook. I am also going to post them here for back up. It will allow me to see my findings typed nice and neatly instead of written in my terrible hand writing. I swear it gets worse with age.

January 2014 - This is the month that will bring lots of transformations for me. I will feel a little overwhelmed. There will also be some confusion about a relationship with a friend that I have, and will wonder which direction it is heading. Some secrets will be hidden from me, and this person will try to keep me feeling secure through messages. What a fox! This months virtue is about Respect.

February - Some confusion will come to an end. This confusion has to do with matters of the heart. I will fear the unknown, and will have trouble staying focused. Hmm, sounds a little twisted, but interesting to say the least. This months virtue is about sacrifice.

March - Some blockages in karmic matters - more than likely with the above person, and this will cause some self doubt. There will be mental clarity though. Messages will be sent and received. I will also be looking constructively for work. This months virtue is about perseverance.

April - I will resort to my creativity to bring some security to myself. With patience, some income will start trickling in. I have to remain resourceful. I will hold off on personal relationships. This months virtue is about wisdom.

May - I will be exposed to a truth, and this will allow me to accept things and move on. I am assuming that this has to do with the above person. We seem to have an on again, off again type relationship - so this will probably be more of the same. We do not live in the same state as each other, so I don't allow myself to get too close to him anyway. Contentment with career. Although there will be frustrations, I will remain optimistic. This months virtue is about fortitude (courage in pain and adversity).

June - There will be some success and reward this month and a fulfilled wish. I hope it is about money! Decisions will be made, and answers given. Someone new enters my life. Hmmm... this ought to be interesting. :) This months virtue is about generosity.

July - The cards urge me to be cautious this month, they do not say why. This months virtue is about humility.

August - A successful contract, or an optimistic offer. Crossing my fingers it's a good job! I will be tempted this month to do something I would not normally do out of extreme boredom. This made me laugh. :) This months virtue is about compassion.

September - This month is about taking risks. It suggests some travel along with love and happiness. This has me wondering. This months virtue is about bravery.

October - The end to delays that have been in my life. There will be outings and fun, and partnerships. This months virtue is about love.

November - This month is about walking away with forgiveness in my heart and optimism for the future. New projects and surprises are in store for me. :) This months virtue is about honor.

December - I will be open to new ideas, and transformations and possibly new love. This months virtue is about truth.

Not sure how accurate this type of reading is going to be, but there it is. I did it. I will be adding notes as the months come up and write about what I see that the cards could have been telling me.

Monday, December 30, 2013

Daily Draw - Renaissance Lenormand

Today is 12/30/13 and I did my daily draw with my very own Renaissance Lenormand cards. :)

Clouds - During the earlier parts of my morning I had a little confusion all centered around the next two cards.

Letters - The confusion was with a message that I got ...

Dog - From my friend. :)

See how nicely these cards flow together? They really never let me down. I knew early this morning that there would be some confusion today with a letter from a friend. I had a heads up, and the confusion is now sorted out and everyone is happy. :)

If you are interested in getting a copy of my deck, click the link above, and it will take you to my etsy store.

Blessed Be!