Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Daily Draw - Passionately Sharing

Daily Draw - What needs to be avoided?

8 of Air in reverse -

This card's image is a group of like minded people sitting in a circle working together for a single purpose. Some are good speakers, some are good listeners.

I spent the morning on facebook almost afraid to post anything after this past weeks debates and hotheadedness in some of the groups I am involved in. So instead of posting anything in the groups, I only posted on my page.

I have been watching Jesse Ventura "Conspiracy Theory" videos lately and they have been just short of mind blowing. Now during free time, I sit and think about the truths and fallacies of the videos, and what could and could not happen. So with that said, my opinions have changed a bit and I tend to be a little more open with my political views.

I think I am still coming down off the energies that were displayed in above groups over the past week finding myself contemplating my posts a little more carefully.

The 8 of Air in reverse, in the position of "what to avoid today" I hear the message that I should still post things that are concurrent to my beliefs and that some of these things need to be heard by others. So this card is telling me to avoid too much silence, which is the reverse of the topic I discussed yesterday. The only difference is that these posts will be shared on my own page, while I remain silent in the groups for a while. Completely different topics discussed in one, vs the other. Therefore, yesterdays advice still remains. :)

Blessed Be

Monday, March 24, 2014

The Benefits of Biting your tongue

                                                               The Benefits of Biting your tongue.

When I was a kid the chances of me stumbling into a situation that was full of bitterness and opinions was a lot slimmer than it is for me as an adult.

New technologies have amplified our planet in so many ways. Some of it good, and some not so good.

Teenagers spend their lives texting one another and surfing the internet. In fact, my daughter who is 14 tells me that her friends stay up till the wee hours in the morning because they can't be bothered with sleep. They prefer being on the internet trolling for drama. It makes me think that drama is the new spinach. Only if Popeye could see us now! ;)

Being out of work, I have my days when I wake up in a crappy mood and have no one to argue with. The kids are off to school, and my cat really has nothing more to say than a simple "meow" when I find myself trying to talk to her.

At first I take out my frustrations on the dishes in the sink, and then the floor - running a vacuum across it several times trying to get rid of every last piece of dirt or lint on the carpet. But when all is said and done, I still find myself aimlessly looking to connect to someone somewhere.

That is when my laptop calls out for me to come play. No I am not crazy. I am speaking metaphorically here, hoping to make someone out there smile along with me as I type this. :)

It only takes about five minutes from the time I turn on my computer and sit down with a cup of coffee, sign into facebook and any other social network - till I find my first encounter with someone else's arguments.

After reading through comments, I realize my mood suddenly shifts and I am no longer feeling the need to argue with anyone. Why is this?

The best way I can see it, is that I realize that arguing makes people look pretty stupid sometimes. The last thing I want to do is look stupid. I'm actually trying to gain people's respect.

I can absolutely understand adding your point of view to a debate, and backing it up with as many sources as possible so that you can plead your case, but many times topics can go on and on and are discussed way past their "bedtime."

I'm human, and sometimes I get off on a subject and can't stop either, but today, for my own benefit, I thought I would look up benefits of remaining silent. Feeding the fuel is not always the best option, and after a while it just becomes bullying. There is nothing more silly than watching adults bully one another!

So what exactly is the benefit of biting your tongue?

I would have to say the biggest one is that you can defuse a situation really quickly. You leave the miserable alone in the conversation with no one to argue with. Misery loves company, so why give it company? It get's plain comical to watch a miserable person argue alone, therefore bringing you into a more positive state of mind. Less stress for you!

When you are silent long enough, this gives you the chance to regroup and think of your words carefully. Then when you do say something, those around you will respect you ten fold, and it will reduce social awkwardness later.

You can't control other people. You can only control you and what comes out of your mouth. If you keep aggression at bay, it keeps the lines of communication at a healthier flow.

Also it is important to understand that people's words and thoughts stem from life experiences and the majority of the time, if you respect their thoughts and ideas, and speak appropriately instead of aggressively, you might actually teach them something they did not already know, or vs. versa.

Oh, and before going on with my reading for the day ...

I think it is good to say that you look really flighty when you jump in on a conversation at the tail end, not knowing completely what was said prior. ;)

Problem - 10 of air Reversed -

The problem of these arguments is simple - people have trouble letting go and ultimately, they want to win the argument! Therefore it keeps going and going like an energizer bunny. The 10 of air is about having difficulty letting go.

What to avoid (when encountering these arguments) - Elder of air -

The Elder of air is someone well respected, who eases pain and brings a sense of well-being into the situation. But having this card in the "what to avoid" position, I see it as telling us that there really isn't anything that we can "add" to the debate that will defuse it no matter how good our intentions are. Texting never comes across the same as it is intended, and there is always someone reading what you wrote who will take it wrong. Just let go - and keep the silence. :)

What to let go of in the future (after such debates) - Explorer of fire -

Fire dancers say that none of them ever escape without being burned at least once. While in the position of "what to let go of in the FUTURE" I would say that this card urges us to respect those who were involved and shared their opinions, even those more bolder than others. Accept that it happened, but then let it go. It only injures your own inner peace when you let yourself hold a grudge or be hurt by what someone says out of meaningless aggression.

Outcome (if you do what is suggested in this reading) - Elder of fire -

This card is about transformation. I would normally interpret a little differently with it, but for this particular reading and having it fall in the "outcome" position, by biting our tongues and letting things fall where they may, I see this card bringing the whole group into balance. It allows those in the debate to be heard.  By not always jumping in to argue with them, and only making valid points, while holding our tongue through the invalid points - we bring a balance to those involved. If we are capable enough to not hold a grudge in the end, then we become stronger as a group later. It is important to embrace our differences. We don't have to like everyone we come into contact with, but if we don't like them, we don't have to talk to them. :)

Silence really can be golden. 

Blessed Be

The Gaian Tarot & The deck of 1000 Spreads used here.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Sunday Project - Crafting a Lenormand Deck from Playing Cards

I hope all is well today.

For a Sunday project, or perhaps several Sundays together - I have decided to hand craft my own Lenormand deck out of playing cards. I must say I am having a grand time. Not only is it relaxing, but also very fun!

The kids have been away to their dad's for a visit, so I pulled out my craft paper stacks, some glue, scissors and a black marker. Then I found the images that I wanted to use, cut them out to fit nicely on an old set of playing cards, added them to a nice background paper and voila! I have a very unique, hand made Lenormand deck well on it's way.

These eight cards above took me the good part of the morning, but I think they turned out very cute. Now I have to get myself ready to go pick up the girls. I thought it was worth sharing. Have a blessed day everyone. 

Blessed Be

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Writing from the Soul - Startled by sunlight...

Writing from the Soul - a writing prompt

(I should really do this more often, as my writing skills could stand a bit of an improvement. Plus, it's fun.)

Startled by sunlight ....

Startled by sunlight, I blink my eyes uncontrollably, hoping that my next blink will finally be enough to keep them open. It is as if an eyelash has fallen into my eye, and I need a mirror to remove it properly.

Finally after several trails of tears fall from my eyes, they decide to stay open. But it is a different open. I am no longer in the dark, and fully exposed for all that I am, and all that I used to be.

I look down at my hands, and see them start to age. My body no longer looks like it did when I was twenty. My face gives small hints of hardships and worry. Looking closer at it, I see deep blue eyes that are inviting and warm. I thought it impossible that they would still offer this kind of invitation to those who look into them. And my lips, they turn up in a smile. Not just a smile, but a beautiful smile. When I see it, it brings me to a calm place, a peaceful place. It's nice to look at, and I wonder now why I never noticed it before.

When I was younger I never felt worthy of looking into other peoples eyes, or accepting their compliments on my smile. It was always crooked, and showed its self awkward in pictures. It is true that when you are kicked enough, you grow numb and stay down. But I was way down.
I never believed before that time could heal anything. I felt time was just punishment to enable to me to endure more negative experiences.

Looking behind me, back into the door, it too is not as I remember it just a few minutes ago. It looks encouraging, and offers me a place to relax.

For three years I have thought of it as the jail that I have put myself in, unwilling to subject myself to anything more that the world wanted to sling at me. Inside of it, there are small comforts, but nothing that ever made me feel alive, with of course, the exception of my children.

Today, this third day of Spring, despite all the snow on the ground - the sunlight has shown me beauty. It reminds me of its light, and abilities to bring smiles to peoples faces. For me, today, it represents life and a spiritual awakening. It is time to rejoin the world and allow my skin to glow again. So sick of this icky, white, pastiness that has stripped me of my natural color. Today, I am reborn.

Blessed Be.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Ostara Reading 2014

Blessed Ostara! (a day late)

I had so many things going on yesterday that I wasn't able to blog about Ostara.

Ostara is a pagan holiday celebrating the change from winter's darkness into spring's light.

Let me tell you, I am so very happy to let go of winter this year. It is still hanging on here in the North country, and we have three foot high snow banks to prove it. This weekend is going to be super cold still, but I have hope that the sun will come out and stay longer, helping to warm us and melt the snow for good!

I am over joyed to have longer day light hours again. It will be so pleasing to see green grass and flowers blooming.

There was a blog hop that I did not get the opportunity to participate in this year, but I had such a relaxed couple of hours with my hot cocoa and some lovely posts to read through by other fellow Tarot buffs. It is always neat to see what others have to say, and their views on things. It reminds me that I am not alone in the world, and that others have similar views to my own. :)

On the Inner Whispers blog, I seen this wonderful spread that I thought very appropriate for Ostara, so I am going to borrow it to do my own reading, but I have changed the questions just a little bit to suit my needs better. I am also using my Gaian Tarot deck because the pictures are so lovely and help me feel the warmth that is lacking in the environment at the moment. ;)

Card one : What am I leaving behind in the darkness? - 9 of earth - A woman stands in a lavender field on an island where she has put down her roots. She has reached a time in her life when she is feeling fulfilled, content, and at peace with her home and her creative work.

I too have been enjoying my indoor time this winter, getting in touch with my creative side. For the first time in a few years I feel "myself" again, and at peace with the world around me. (mostly) I have spent a good amount of time getting in touch with my spiritual side and enjoying my children. I am growing restless and ready for a new adventure though, so it is good that I leave this behind me now and move forward.

Card two: What new hope is approaching? - 10 of water - Salmon that have survived to maturity are now swimming back up river where they were once hatched, and are ready to lay their own eggs that will become the next generation of salmon. They will then die, and either become food for other animals, or they will turn into future soil.

Some may see this as a bit of a negative card for this question, but to me it represents my goals coming into action and hopefully then manifesting. I have been stuck in a deep depression for a few years and coming out of it has been hard. This winter, "I" emerged, and now it is my time to let myself enter society again. I have been itching at getting back outside to begin taking walks in nature, and dropping the weight that I have put on while living the life of a hermit. It was a necessary step, and I am all healed on the inside. It is now time to do the hard work, and make my outside match my inside. :) This card tells me that it will not be easy, but there is hope, and it will be very rewarding shedding the rest of my old depressed self, and being reborn. It actually makes me excited!

Card three: What can help me stay motivated? - 3 of water reversed - three sea otters play mischievously enchanting others with their antics and charm.

This card reminds me that it is okay to ask for help if I need it, which I am going to ask a friend to walk with me daily, something I would not normally do. It also reminds me to find joy even when things are not going my way and are difficult. It is important to laugh, and to celebrate ones accomplishments no matter how small they are. Being a hermit served its purpose, but in order for me to stay motivated, I must allow myself to be around those who love me and make me feel good about myself. :)

I hope everyone has a wonderful Spring & something magickal comes your way!

Blessed Be

Friday, March 14, 2014

Review - Gaian Tarot

This is the Gaian Tarot by Joanna Powell Colbert. You can get them Here

I practice an earth based path, and these cards are designed specifically for those like me. It is beautiful. Normally I do not like borders, but I think these cards are perfect the way they are and the white actually make the images even more stunning and adds that clean feel to them. 

The cards are multicultural and very contemporary. It takes a while to get accustomed to the images if you are used to traditional decks, but once you connect with this deck, it gives you wonderful and exact readings. Clients identify with these cards as well, and there is no scariness in them. It brings you  a calming sense which helps you get rid of the pre-reading jitters and puts your clients at ease. :)

Blessed Be

Review - Silhouette Lenormand

This is the Silhouette Lenormand by Kenra Hurteau & Katrina Hill. You can get them Here.

They are very simplified, which is something you really want with Lenormand cards while reading a GT. Each card is easy to see, and respond to quickly. I like the delicate frame work around the image as well. It has been one of my favorites to go to when reading larger spreads. The cards stock is pretty good, and they shuffle nicely. It makes for accurate, easy readings. I recommend them to all those who are first starting to read the Lenormand. I only wish that they came in different colors. :)

Blessed Be

Review - Wheel of the Year Tarot

This is the Wheel of the Year Tarot by Lo Scarabeo. You can get them Here.

This is one of the decks that I obtained from a friend. I really like these cards. The picture above is a modified version of the deck. The borders were cut off the cards, and I like them better this way. It is very colorful, and not the standard run of the mill Tarot. I absolutely adore the backs of the cards, because the colors pop.

It is a deck that you will have to get to know really well before performing readings because the pictures are not exactly the way you would see them in other Rider Waite decks. They go by the seasons of the year, and have very rich symbolism and details. It's really stunning, and one of my favorite decks to work with. I highly recommend them. They shuffle perfectly.

Blessed Be

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Review - The Colors of Childhood Lenormand

This is the Colors of Childhood Lenormand by Jill Scott. You can find them Here.

My first reaction when I opened up the deck was, awww, how cute.

Each card has a hand drawn and colored image on it, which is very unique and unlike any other deck. Each image is of a child doing something innocent. The title of the cards suits it perfectly.

I use this deck for smaller spreads though, because it is not very clear in a GT. I also wish that she had chosen a different pattern for the backs of the cards, as this one is not as lovely as the cards themselves, and it is a bit too much on the eyes.

All in all, this deck is a keeper. :)

Jill also has a wonderful Tarot deck that I absolutely adore. I will write a review on that soon. She has such talent.

Blessed Be

Review - Esmeralda Lenormand

This is the Esmeralda Lenormand Deck by Karla Souza. You can find it Here.

I love this deck. I am very much into the color and the energy that it radiates.

There is clear and accurate symbolism used, and some of the images even shine.

Very unique and interesting. They read nicely, even in a GT. There is no confusion as to what the cards are when looking at several at once. This is a favorite.

It is refreshing to have a deck that is not made of vintage postcard images, although I like those as well. It reminds me of my Midnight Madness Lenormand cards, because of their color.

I highly recommend these. They are beautiful.

Blessed Be

Review - The Gendron Tarot

This is the Gendron Tarot, I think they are also out of print, but I am not sure. I bought mine used off from ebay out of curiosity.

These are a collage deck and it has bright colors throughout. It is definitely very unique. It has multi-cultural images sprinkled on the cards, which add to the appeal. There is also a lot of symbolism.

I think that there is enough traditional in the cards for a beginner, but be aware that some of the names are changed. Such as the devil being named, the deceiver. There is also a prince, and princess in the court cards.

I have noticed that the card stock is very sticky and very hard to shuffle and draw cards from. I do not know if the person who owned these prior to me did not care for them properly, or if everyone who has a deck experiences the same thing. I probably will not keep this deck for that reason.

Blessed Be

Review - Wicked Sybil Lenormand

This is the Wicked Sybil Lenormand by Melissa Haney. I believe that it is out of print now.

I was really excited to get this deck after being teased on Melissa's facebook page for a while. She would occasionally put up an image to show us, and make us antsy to get our hands on it. :)

I like these cards, as they are creepy and very Samhain like, however they do not interest me as much as I thought they would. I really like her other decks, and have yet to get my hands on a Melissa Lenormand deck myself.

The cards are a bit darker, and less bright than I had hoped for, and Melissa also noticed this upon printing - so she did her best to fix the issue. I think it is a matter of taste really, that I like bright colors. For those who like darker images, these are perfect for that!

There are some cards that I think looked a little rushed, and I do not like them very much : the sun, key, fish, mice, but the others are great. Despite the images that I do not like, I would not be without this deck because it is a collector item, but also because it gives very precise readings and has it's own unique collage look.

It comes in a cute black box, which is very handy because the lid doesn't fall off very easily. If you drop them, they won't spill all over the place.

I do not use these cards in a GT because they are hard for me to see, but they are wonderful for smaller readings. I wish that Melissa had not stopped creating decks for us. She has an amazing talent. :)

Blessed Be

Review - Zingdoodle Lenormand

This is the Zingdoodle Lenormand by rootweaver. You can find them Here.

I like this deck because it is unique and very cute. Jera uses some wonderful colors, and the inspiration of Zentangle to create this deck. It reads very accurate and each has the name, number and card insert on it. Jera does a wonderful job with all of her decks. I did however notice that my cards warped a bit. My home is usually warm, although I live where the temperature outside is very cold. I didn't wrap them up or anything, so I am not sure why this happened. You can see in the picture above. I do not shuffle hard either. I will have to work with them more to bend them back to normal. Other than that, I highly recommend them.

Blessed Be

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Flight 370 - What the Lenormand says

As you may have already heard, Malaysian airlines plane, flight 370 has been missing. The news is saying that the pilots have not sent out any distress signals, which is suggesting a sudden catastrophic incident. Recent updates tell of two young Iranian passengers that were on board with stolen passports. Normally this would hint toward a possible hijack of the plane - given the terrorist activities in past years. But they say that one of the young men is seeking asylum, so that weakens this possibility. 

With recent activity in the Lenormand Card Study group on facebook, some cards were drawn by others to ask about the plane's sudden disappearance. Being that I got a new deck in the mail today, I was curious to see if it would come up with some of the same answers as others readings. The above is a photo of my draw. 


I was quite shocked to see how in tune these cards were, straight away. 

The center card - the book, is the main card in the reading, suggesting knowledge, secrets or in this case, could very well represent the passport its self. 

From the right, we have crossroads, and child - this can indicate twins, or a new path, short trip. I also see how it could represent two young men, without the "twin" aspect, who decided to take over the destination of the plane, "new path."

Then we have whip and snake - which I see as a troublemaker or danger!

Back to crossroads, it mirrors the snake card - which can be difficult choices, problems with a decision. But with this particular reading, I would have to see it as veering off from ones intended destination.

Concluding the layout is the child and whip mirroring one another - can represent an athletic young person, or getting off to a troubled start. In my mind's eye, to me, this is a struggle as soon as they were in the air, with the two young men taking part in it. 

There are 239 people on board that plane, and whatever the circumstance - we can only hope for the best. It is a scary thing. I hope these predictions are not right and that everyone will be seen safely, but this reading is suggesting a hijacking and terrorist behaviors. 

I urge everyone to say prayers for the families of those on board.

Blessed Be

** Update ** I just drew 5 more cards for practice, and this was after watching this updated plane radar video. I got 21+17+34+4+3.

Fish - at this moment, I believe it literally means in the water with the fish. :(

Mountain, stork - things moving forward again, I gasped at the accuracy!
Mountain, ship - travel occurring after a delay!

House, ship - a journey home, changing a residence. (those headed home, did not make it home)
Stork, house - moving, or renovations. (trouble with plane and the above)

These five cards go right along with that video. This is what I love about Lenormand cards. They say it very clearly. 

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Follow up - Lakota Wheel Update

February - Some confusion will come to an end. This confusion has to do with matters of the heart. I will fear the unknown, and will have trouble staying focused. Hmm, sounds a little twisted, but interesting to say the least. This months virtue is about sacrifice.

The above was my forecast for the month of February, when I did my yearly reading. I am going to reflect on it here.

My virtue was about sacrifice. We all know that when we lose something that we treasure or love, it is difficult to let go of the feelings that accompany it. The month of February really did have a sacrifice that came to pass, but it did not do so until the end of the month. 

My sacrifice was that of a friend. I really didn't lose the friendship, but I had to set boundaries on that friendship, and that was very difficult for me. In fact, I kept putting it off until it was no longer possible. I'm just glad that my friend accepted the boundaries, and we both still remain friends.

Therefore, the confusion was cleared up, and it was matters of the heart. I did fear the unknown, and it was keeping me distracted. I'm just glad that it wasn't as bad as it could have been. I am also quite happy that so far, the yearly reading has been very accurate. It is just usually about things that I am not aware of at the time of the reading. :) 

Have a blessed week. 

Daily Draw - with midnight madness lenormand

Upon waking this morning, and seeing a beautiful sun filling the sky - I feel happy. This winter has been treacherous, and I will be so thrilled when it goes away!

While sipping my coffee, I pulled three Lenormand cards to see what I could expect from my day today. Above is my Midnight Madness Lenormand.

I drew (the sun, the fox and the rider). No pre-selected cards. I read these three together, usually, as success through deception of a letter. But since it is a daily draw, it may be a little less severe.

What I really love about the Lenormand is that they are so precise! When I signed into my email I got a letter from a fan of this very deck. She already owns two of them, and is hoping to get a third because she never wants to be without them. I can't tell how good that makes me feel! :)

Anyhow, she was looking to swap a deck with  me if I had this one on hand to send, but unfortunately I no longer keep decks on hand, but send them directly from the printer. It is more feasible that way. Plus it keeps down the shipping cost for the buyer. For some reason the printer gets cheaper shipping rates.

So, hearing that she enjoys this deck so much, I cleverly decided to offer her a discount on her next purchase. So the three cards above, I believe relate to this very subject! I had to word my letter "cleverly" - as a reply back to her, and offer this discount, and who wouldn't be happy with one of those? Especially when it has no expiration date.

Either way - there was success through messages today, and I had to use my brain to write it because I was on my first cup of coffee and not fully awake. Loving my cards.

Blessed Be.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Daily Draw - why now?

Civil War Lenormand - by Bridgett's Blessings
A bit over a year ago, I was up late chatting to one of my best friends, who happens to be a guy. We were on facebook, and talking about normal things; life, relationships etc. We did not talk about anything that we normally did not talk about, yet somehow he felt guilty about talking to me. (But he never told me this.) Instead, the next morning, I woke up to find out that he blocked me from his facebook, and his girlfriend, who was also my friend on facebook, was cussing me out. She told me that "he" had been up late at night talking to "girls" about things he should not be talking about. I was shocked, because I did not know what she was accusing me of. She knew that we were best friends, and have known one another since kindergarten, and had no issue with it. We even went out dancing together before. Needless to say, I said what I had to say, and let it go.

A year later, I see that I am no longer blocked by him on facebook, so I messaged him happy birthday. He messaged back apologizing to me telling me that he felt guilty because of his OWN feelings for me, and that he did not want to face me afterward because he felt like a jerk for making such a big problem out of nothing. Longer story, but that is the shortest version.

I asked if he wanted us to be friends on facebook again, and he said better not just yet because him and his girlfriend were having some issues still and he didn't want our friendship to cause another one for them. He said he would friend me when it all blew over.

Well today I got a friendship request. I see that he is still in a relationship with her, so she must know right? I decided to ask my cards "why he sent a friend request?"

Here is what I got, in the picture above, using my Civil War Lenormand cards: 6+16+33+25+19. Line of five, no pre selected cards.

Why did he befriend me on facebook again?

Clouds + Star - procrastination (perhaps he has wanted to for a while, but is just now doing so)

Clouds + Tower - problems with authority (he didn't want to upset HER)

Star + Key - winner, success, award (perhaps he talked her into being okay with it)

Star + Ring - good relationship (either he missed my relationship with him, or they're in a place where she won't be jealous anymore)

Key + Ring - necessary commitment, or keeping ones word (he said he would after things smoothed over with her)

Ring + Tower - Lonely relationship, legal agreement (perhaps he sees his relationship failing, and he just doesn't care what she thinks after all)

Well, these cards kinda put a few dynamics on things, but all in all, they pretty much say what I already knew. He said he was trying to work things out with her "one last time" and he didn't want to befriend me on facebook to upset her in the meantime. So ....

Now that he has befriended me - four months later - either his relationship is failing and he just doesn't care about her opinion anymore - like in the ring and tower, or things are going well enough with the two of them, that he feels it is okay now. Either way, he waited till things changed before he befriended me again.

Regardless, I am happy to be able to talk to him again. I have missed my friend. We live 300 miles apart so facebook is kinda my lifeline for connecting with loved ones.

If you have any input, please comment. I would love to see your take on this reading.

Blessed Be!

** Update ** 3/11/2014 - I have been meaning to post a follow up for this, but to let everyone know, I talked to him and asked in a round about way, what happened and why we can suddenly talk again. His reply was, "my relationship is basically over, we just haven't said the words yet, and to be honest, I just don't care what she thinks anymore." So my interpretation was right.