Monday, March 3, 2014

Daily Draw - why now?

Civil War Lenormand - by Bridgett's Blessings
A bit over a year ago, I was up late chatting to one of my best friends, who happens to be a guy. We were on facebook, and talking about normal things; life, relationships etc. We did not talk about anything that we normally did not talk about, yet somehow he felt guilty about talking to me. (But he never told me this.) Instead, the next morning, I woke up to find out that he blocked me from his facebook, and his girlfriend, who was also my friend on facebook, was cussing me out. She told me that "he" had been up late at night talking to "girls" about things he should not be talking about. I was shocked, because I did not know what she was accusing me of. She knew that we were best friends, and have known one another since kindergarten, and had no issue with it. We even went out dancing together before. Needless to say, I said what I had to say, and let it go.

A year later, I see that I am no longer blocked by him on facebook, so I messaged him happy birthday. He messaged back apologizing to me telling me that he felt guilty because of his OWN feelings for me, and that he did not want to face me afterward because he felt like a jerk for making such a big problem out of nothing. Longer story, but that is the shortest version.

I asked if he wanted us to be friends on facebook again, and he said better not just yet because him and his girlfriend were having some issues still and he didn't want our friendship to cause another one for them. He said he would friend me when it all blew over.

Well today I got a friendship request. I see that he is still in a relationship with her, so she must know right? I decided to ask my cards "why he sent a friend request?"

Here is what I got, in the picture above, using my Civil War Lenormand cards: 6+16+33+25+19. Line of five, no pre selected cards.

Why did he befriend me on facebook again?

Clouds + Star - procrastination (perhaps he has wanted to for a while, but is just now doing so)

Clouds + Tower - problems with authority (he didn't want to upset HER)

Star + Key - winner, success, award (perhaps he talked her into being okay with it)

Star + Ring - good relationship (either he missed my relationship with him, or they're in a place where she won't be jealous anymore)

Key + Ring - necessary commitment, or keeping ones word (he said he would after things smoothed over with her)

Ring + Tower - Lonely relationship, legal agreement (perhaps he sees his relationship failing, and he just doesn't care what she thinks after all)

Well, these cards kinda put a few dynamics on things, but all in all, they pretty much say what I already knew. He said he was trying to work things out with her "one last time" and he didn't want to befriend me on facebook to upset her in the meantime. So ....

Now that he has befriended me - four months later - either his relationship is failing and he just doesn't care about her opinion anymore - like in the ring and tower, or things are going well enough with the two of them, that he feels it is okay now. Either way, he waited till things changed before he befriended me again.

Regardless, I am happy to be able to talk to him again. I have missed my friend. We live 300 miles apart so facebook is kinda my lifeline for connecting with loved ones.

If you have any input, please comment. I would love to see your take on this reading.

Blessed Be!

** Update ** 3/11/2014 - I have been meaning to post a follow up for this, but to let everyone know, I talked to him and asked in a round about way, what happened and why we can suddenly talk again. His reply was, "my relationship is basically over, we just haven't said the words yet, and to be honest, I just don't care what she thinks anymore." So my interpretation was right. 

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