Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Flight 370 - What the Lenormand says

As you may have already heard, Malaysian airlines plane, flight 370 has been missing. The news is saying that the pilots have not sent out any distress signals, which is suggesting a sudden catastrophic incident. Recent updates tell of two young Iranian passengers that were on board with stolen passports. Normally this would hint toward a possible hijack of the plane - given the terrorist activities in past years. But they say that one of the young men is seeking asylum, so that weakens this possibility. 

With recent activity in the Lenormand Card Study group on facebook, some cards were drawn by others to ask about the plane's sudden disappearance. Being that I got a new deck in the mail today, I was curious to see if it would come up with some of the same answers as others readings. The above is a photo of my draw. 


I was quite shocked to see how in tune these cards were, straight away. 

The center card - the book, is the main card in the reading, suggesting knowledge, secrets or in this case, could very well represent the passport its self. 

From the right, we have crossroads, and child - this can indicate twins, or a new path, short trip. I also see how it could represent two young men, without the "twin" aspect, who decided to take over the destination of the plane, "new path."

Then we have whip and snake - which I see as a troublemaker or danger!

Back to crossroads, it mirrors the snake card - which can be difficult choices, problems with a decision. But with this particular reading, I would have to see it as veering off from ones intended destination.

Concluding the layout is the child and whip mirroring one another - can represent an athletic young person, or getting off to a troubled start. In my mind's eye, to me, this is a struggle as soon as they were in the air, with the two young men taking part in it. 

There are 239 people on board that plane, and whatever the circumstance - we can only hope for the best. It is a scary thing. I hope these predictions are not right and that everyone will be seen safely, but this reading is suggesting a hijacking and terrorist behaviors. 

I urge everyone to say prayers for the families of those on board.

Blessed Be

** Update ** I just drew 5 more cards for practice, and this was after watching this updated plane radar video. I got 21+17+34+4+3.

Fish - at this moment, I believe it literally means in the water with the fish. :(

Mountain, stork - things moving forward again, I gasped at the accuracy!
Mountain, ship - travel occurring after a delay!

House, ship - a journey home, changing a residence. (those headed home, did not make it home)
Stork, house - moving, or renovations. (trouble with plane and the above)

These five cards go right along with that video. This is what I love about Lenormand cards. They say it very clearly. 

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