Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Blessed Mabon 2014

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Blessed Mabon 

The topic for this Mabon's blog hop is about a moment when the Tarot became more to me than just cards, and text book meanings. That moment when the pictures all started to make sense to me. My aha moment! 

Housewives Tarot
I'm not going to lie, this took a bit of thinking. At first I wasn't sure I had an "aha moment" with them. I have been reading these things since I was 13 years old, so my memory bank really had to be weeded out to get to the root of this question. And let me tell ya, there was a lot of stuff in my head! A total "Housewives Tarot" scene over here. If you were peeking in my window, you would have seen the weirdest expression on my face - like a brain strain. The vein popping out of the middle of my forehead and all. ;)

As a young teenager, I had no internet. In fact, it didn't come about until after I was already graduated from high school. So back then, I had like one book that I could use, one deck of cards, and a little white book that came with them. So, I dare say I struggled a bit through my first hundred readings or so. That and the fact that those I read for were my age, and none of us really had too much going on in our lives just yet. Our piggy banks were empty, we had no jobs and our love lives were pretty pathetic too. My dad was pretty set on not letting me date till I was 35, and my friends were pretty much in the same boat. 

It wasn't until about age 19 that our lives were more complicated and we would discover that being an adult wasn't all that it was chalked up to be. At this time I had spread my wings, and moved in with a guy and played house for a while. We were arguing and he suggested that I should go visit a friend for a few days so that we could have some time apart. It seemed like a good option because he really had no place to go himself. I packed a bag, called my friend, and away I went. But all the way there, I felt sick to my stomach. I tried having dinner while I was at my friend's house, but it didn't seem to help any. 

After a few hours of being unsettled, we decided to take out my Tarot cards and do a reading. While shuffling the cards, I realized that I had forgotten my book, and my little white book too. How the heck was I going to read without it? Deciding to continue the reading anyway, I spread the cards out on the bed and looked at them. The first image that caught my eye was the 3 of swords, and of course my heart sank and skipped a beat. The next card that caught my eye was the 7 of swords. I picked up the card and looked at it closely, then described it out loud to my friend. It was that very second that I had an "aha moment." The guy on the card was a thief. He was robbing someone and taking all that he could carry with him, paying no mind to the things he couldn't carry.   

Mosaic Dream Tarot
The cards that appeared thereafter were pretty darn easy to read after that! I knew right then and there that my boyfriend wasn't just taking alone time, but instead he was celebrating my absence with another girl. I confirmed it when my friend took me home. We snuck around to the backside of the house to where my bedroom window was. When I peeked in, there he was - cheating. I won't tell you what happened next because I'm not sure this site is set up for rated - R movies. LOL! But I can tell you that I did take the curtains with me when I left, and I told him he could keep the bed because I'd never sleep in it again. 

So - that was my "aha moment" with the Tarot. Sad as it seems, it was a lesson learned and a whole new way of looking at my cards! After I got over the whole shock of the event, I realized that I really had a gift for reading them, and my accuracy with that one reading boosted my confidence thereafter. 

My Mabon Reading 2014

I found a nice Mabon Spread here. Above is a picture of my reading. I am using my new Mosaic Dream Tarot deck. In the middle I drew a Goddess card to show which Goddess is going to step forth to help me through the Autumn season this year. Eve appeared. :)

Eve is the mother and nurturer of all life. She is the creator of the world and all living beings. Lady of the beast, and steward of all growing things. She represents rebirth and regeneration. She is the primal female creative energy. She creates and sustains life. She is life itself. - This comforts me because I could sure use her creative energy in my life right now!

Position one: What am I harvesting? - 3 of swords.

I am harvesting optimism and the ability to forgive people for past hurts. This is really a big thing for me. I have been hurt a lot, and often because I am such a kind hearted person. I have been carrying it around with me for years, but it's finally starting to feel like dead weight. I think I am ready to release it now. I am ready to start being more optimistic & accomplish things that I have failed to before due to lack in confidence.  

Position two: What projects are coming to fruition? - The Sun rx.   

I have experience setbacks that have damaged my enthusiasm in the past, but I feel this card is illuminating a path to turn things around for myself. I have some projects in mind, and this just might be what I need to bring forth the fruits of my labor. Since I never view the sun as a negative card, any obstacles that come up can be resolved with a little effort. 

Position three: What should I be most thankful for this past year? - 3 of wands rx.

I attempted to embark on a journey that became a little overwhelming to me this past year. After working along with it steadily, I felt like I wasn't getting where I wanted to be fast enough, so I stopped in the middle. This card is reminding me that I made it to the "middle" and even if I restart, I will be able to pick up where I left off instead of starting from the beginning again! I need to be thankful for how far I did make it, and be proud of myself for the effort that I made. It wasn't easy.

Position four: Where do I need balance in my life? - 3 of pentacles. 

More planning and organization! Who doesn't need this? I fear a lot of the time, I am not using my minutes wisely or getting enough done in a day. I procrastinate terribly. 

Position five: What preparations do I need to make for winter? - 6 of cups.

Since I have been redecorating my home, and trying to get into a more healthy life style, I feel this card is telling me to find my inner child that makes me happy, and bring her forward. I feel this card is urging me to do so because winters in NY can be very cold and isolating. Without my inner child, depression can easily take over again. By finishing up my plans to redecorate, and become more physically healthy I will be helping myself to keep that fun loving, happy inner child feeling alive. This makes a lot of sense to me. 

This reading has given me a lot to think about. In the meantime, I hope all of you who are here visiting my blog today have yourselves a blessed Mabon! Celebrate with wine. :D  

image from redmoonmusings.com

Other Names: Autumn Equinox, Harvest Home, Pagan Thanksgiving
Date: September 21 (there about)
Celebration of: The God now sleeps within the womb of the Goddess
Colors: Dark Brown and Red
Symbols: Harvest Foods
Notes: Second harvest festival. Celebration of thanks for the crops that were harvested. Dark overtakes the light.

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  1. I love your story and that you took the curtains... The 7 of Swords is an interesting card and I do agree with exactly what you wrote and often I find it will read as you acted... as a grab what belongs to you and get out of there! ;) Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks for sharing the great spread, and for sharing your powerful story as well!

  3. Great story ...and I really like the spread; thanks :)

  4. Glad the cards helped you through such a tricky situation. And I hope you can keep the optimism of this reading, which said some things I think I also needed to hear: you can let go of the past, and pick projects up again if you want to, and most of all feel playful and joyful! Thank you, Bridgett

  5. That's a great story and I looooove that you took the curtains! And a great spread - thank you!

  6. Great story - and like other before me, I'm glad you took the curtains! I also love the spread - thanks for sharing so much.

    1. yeah, i still laugh at the curtains thing. he asked why i was taking them, and i told him, ' i want everyone to see you're screwing little girls in your bed.' bahahahaaa

  7. Ooooh, what an exciting story experience in an aweful situation! Did you start to trust your cards 100% immediately after that or was it a learning curve?

    1. I started to trust me and my intuition after that. :) My cards have been my 'handy dandy all purpose tool' ever since though!

  8. What a great aha moment, when we give it a shot without at book and think: "Damn I can figure this out on my own" Thanks for sharing.

  9. The internet didn't come about until after you graduated from high school. LOL That made me laugh. I remember when I was in college, my mother and I went to a house in answer of a classified ad to buy me a used electric typewriter. I was excited because it took a ribbon that had a correction tape built in. Ah, younglings.

  10. Taking the curtains was perfect. Maybe his next gf would benefit when she had to sneak back to see him screwing around! :D

  11. The three of Pentacles also reminds me to not be alone. Which linked nicely with your take on NY winters. Remember to get out more, even in the cold.... :)

  12. Great story, particularly of the tarot cards really clearly laying out the situation for you. Folks sometimes like to keep the cards in the abstract (particularly if they are negative), but oftentimes they can tell us just what's going on around us (as long as there's some energetic connection). I've even had stuff on the news interfere with a daily draw, usually the Lenormand.

    Really liked the spread and came up with a very interesting reading for me moving into fall, about finishing and letting go of the old (Ten of Swords in the second position) and the need for mixing the right elements to move forward (Temperance in the last position).

  13. Hi Bridgett. Great story. Fierce Woman!
    The internet ... hee hee I was so much older when the internet found it way to my house.
    Thanks for the spread I will try it out although it is perhaps a bit late :)