Tuesday, October 7, 2014

The Magician & his Shadow

Tarot Shadow Series
The Magician

Today I am going to talk about the Magician and his shadows when using the Tarot for shadow work. The Magician is the bridge between the spirit world, and the human world. Usually when he makes an appearance in a reading, you have a lot of creative forces present in your life and some major changes are taking place. You have the opportunity to take the power of the Universe and use it to manifest your desires. Usually this card is a strong symbol of optimism, but let us look at the shadows.

In more times than not, The Magician can be about you pushing for changes too soon. Sometimes we just can't find the patience that we need to wait for something so we try to force it to happen now. We can easily imagine this being true when we think of a young girl learning witchcraft. She is eager to get straight to learning how to perform spells, because she wants that guy to notice her now, not later. She has no desire to learn about the history of witchcraft or the 'bad things' that can happen if she casts a spell incorrectly. As a result, she ends up asking how to cast a spell later to get rid of him. LOL

It is one of those, 'be careful what you wish for' things. Details are just as important as the goal its self. 

Another one of The Magicians shadows is feeling superior to others. Like he can do anything, and better than anyone else. There is something about holding a wand that makes him feel majestic and larger than life. He is an opportunist and takes full advantage of his surroundings, making his own self happy despite others. This too can be seen in a young witch, manipulating circumstances to suit themselves. 

If The Magician comes up in reverse and you are doing shadow work, he can possibly be showing his weaknesses to you. Maybe he lacks inspiration and is living his life randomly. His focus is gone and he is just living from one day to the next. Perhaps he is looking for you to help him make a plan for his future.

Just things to consider when doing shadow work. Stay tuned for The High Priestess and the things that lurk in her shadows.

Blessed Be.

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