Wednesday, October 29, 2014

June Thru October Lakota Yearly Reading Updates

I did a yearly reading that can be viewed here.

I am going to post what was predicted & what happened. I am a little behind, so I am going to put June - October all on this blog entry. :) Keeping track for personal growth & to determine whether or not I will use this spread again in the future.

June Prediction:
There will be some success and reward this month and a fulfilled wish. I hope it is about money! Decisions will be made, and answers given. Someone new enters my life. Hmmm... this ought to be interesting. :) This months virtue is about generosity.

What happened:
My success and reward for the month of June was getting off my butt and walking daily. I have been a hermit for a few years now, and made it a point to get out daily and drop a few extra pounds. I was successful in losing ten pounds and ten inches total from different areas of my body. No one new entered my life, but I did get in touch with an old friend and we were able to set our differences aside. Generosity was both given and received, not only with my reconciliation with a friend, but also with my being kinder to my body.

July Prediction:
The cards urge me to be cautious this month, they do not say why. This months virtue is about humility.

What happened:
I continued my walking daily, but did not lose anymore weight. I definitely learned to be humble about my bragging!! That and my walking partner likes to talk my ear off me, so I did a lot of listening and not talking. LOL

August Prediction:
A successful contract, or an optimistic offer. Crossing my fingers it's a good job! I will be tempted this month to do something I would not normally do out of extreme boredom. This made me laugh. :) This months virtue is about compassion.

What Happened:
I got a part time job! I was actually offered two of them. I took the one, but not the other because of a sneaky contract and a lot of things in it that made me feel uncomfortable. Out of boredom, I started a new Tarot deck. The virtue of compassion, well ... my daughter had a couple different things going on during August, so I suppose it was about that.

September Prediction:
This month is about taking risks. It suggests some travel along with love and happiness. This has me wondering. This months virtue is about bravery.

What happened:
Bravery - for sure. Getting out of my normal 'hermit' lifestyle and jumping into a job that requires me to be out and around others. I luck out that it doesn't require a lot of being around others though. That way I can take things slowly and work my way up to a job that may be more in the public than this one later. I did some travel to take classes for this part time position. It was fun.

October Prediction:
The end to delays that have been in my life. There will be outings and fun, and partnerships. This months virtue is about love.

What happened:
Outings - only to work. As for fun, I involved myself more with a group on facebook. I have learned a lot and met some great friends. Love - yes! Definitely that. :) My friend whom I spoke of HERE, has professed his love for me, and I am thrilled about it. Crossing my fingers that it goes somewhere. He messaged me and asked if we could make this thing happen before middle aged life took all his hair and teeth. LOL He has a wonderful sense of humor. I adore him for it. Maybe good things are worth waiting for. Delays are finally moving. Perhaps I always knew they would? Maybe that is why I haven't committed to another relationship for so long? *What I have forgotten to tell you is that he has always liked me, but I would not date him for personal reasons. I felt he needed to do a lot of growing up before I gave him my heart. We settled into being best friends instead. Or maybe it was more me who settled? He always wanted more, and I wasn't sure that I did until I wasn't able to talk to him for a year!*

Oh, I met another guy prior to this happening, but I wasn't that into him. 

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