Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Samhain - The Steampunk Way

Halloween Spread from HERE.  

S = Self (Where I am now)
A = Ambition (Where I would like to be)
M = Motivation (What drives me)
H= Hopes and Expectations (What I would like to achieve)
A = Adjustment I need to make (An area that needs special attention)
I = Idea (to consider)
N = Next step   

I don't like to lay my cards out in odd positions, so I am just going to lay them out to fit in the picture. :)

The Tarot that I used is Steampunk Tarot by Charissa Drengsen. 

The focus of the reading sort of took it's own turn, and is centered around a blooming relationship. 

S = Self (Where I am now) 
2 of cups: This is the card of love and partnership. I am currently opening myself up to allow love into my life again after a long period of being single. I am in the process of taking a friendship with a childhood companion to the next level. I am uncertain of where & when it may occur but remain optimistic. :)

A = Ambition (Where I would like to be)
Page of cups: I am in no hurry, and quite complacent with where I am at the moment. As like the woman in the card, barefoot and enjoying her surroundings. I am allowing my prospects of love to flow naturally and appear as they are suppose to be. I have faith that all will be well.

M = Motivation (What drives me)
7 of wands: Envy, admiration and a little recklessness seems to be what motivate me. I have always danced to my own music in my head, and enjoy shocking others with what I will do next. I think that since I haven't seen my potential new boyfriend in quite some time now, I am aiming to impress him. 

H = Hopes (What I would like to achieve) 
The Star : This card is hope its self. I wish to display all the cheerful fun things that are on the inside of me, on the outside of me. I want a balance of love and essential happiness. I feel that I have been patient and deserve these things. I look forward to being me again, and enjoying my life, but not alone. Instead - in a partnership with a man that I love. 

A = Adjustments (An area that I need to pay attention to)
Queen of swords : This card is about calmness, strength and holding forth. A lot of times I am 'in my own head' and forget to breathe. I over analyze situations. Since this relationship is bound to be long distance for a while, I will have to come to terms with this and find strength. I have not been in a relationship in quite a few years, so I don't see this as being too difficult. I will just have to realign my thinking & remember that men are simple creatures. LOL

I = Idea (to consider) 
Ace of swords : This card is about an idea, a triumph or time of discovery. It reminds me of the raw power that is inside of me, and how I can use it to benefit myself while the relationship is long distance. Mind over matter. (I still have a weight loss goal to accomplish) perhaps our time apart can motivate me to step it up.

N = Next Step
8 of pentacles : There is time for mastery of skill. Self-discipline and staying focused on productivity can result in major achievements both physically and mentally. All will be worth the effort.  :)

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