Thursday, February 18, 2016

What will happen tonight? Vikings Season 4, Episode 1

A Viking Fan Lenormand Deck, created by B.Trejo 2016
So, if you know me at all you know that I am a very big fan of the TV series Vikings on the History Channel. It might seem silly to you, but I have grown quite fond of it, and watch it faithfully. I have a girl crush on Travis Fimmel who plays Ragnar, and Gustaf Skarsgard who plays Floki.

Ragnar has gone from being a farmer to an Earl and then a King. He has a curious mind, and craves knowledge about all things bigger than himself. Travis plays this part very well, and it's hard not to love him. If you have seen any interviews with Travis, you will see that he is much like the character he plays on the show. He too is a farmer, and he has a gentle spirit. His sense of humor is contagious. I would give anything just to sit with him for an hour and laugh till my belly hurts. A hug would just be a bonus. ;)

Floki on the other hand is a brilliant ship builder. Ragnar seeks him out to build him one and they become good friends. Floki had my interest from the very beginning. He is a very intense, and energetic character on the show. He may not have a lot of mental faculties when it comes to relationships, but he has real vision for anything mechanical. Gustaf being of true vikings decent, has warmed my heart toward Floki. I especially like his crazy snickering. It comes at the most inappropriate times, which makes it all the more funny. I have fear for Floki's safety in Season 4 though because he let his jealousy get the better of him.

** spoilers **

I have been counting down to season 4, and am both relieved and excited that it finally starts tonight! I thought it would be fun to pull a few cards to see what I could predict for tonight. I made a cute deck of Lenormand cards for myself, just to add to the anticipation.

I can't help but think Floki is the fox in this drawing. He has done a terrible thing by killing Ragnar's Christian friend. There is very little Floki won't do to please his Gods, and getting rid of his Christian rival is small potatoes to him. But to Ragnar, it isn't! Ragnar is certainly angry and feeling betrayed.

The fox is next to clouds, suggesting confusion around this betrayal. I am predicting there will be some dark clouds hovering around Floki in tonight's show. (poor Floki).

I also believe that it will be his own wife (lily + woman) who reveals the secret (open book) of what Floki did. Up until this point, Ragnar has been speculating that it was Floki who killed Athelstan. But tonight's episode is bound to wipe away any doubts, and make it more concrete for Ragnar. Ragnar will truly see the depths to which Floki has gone to get rid of the man whom Floki thinks has poisoned Ragnar's mind.

I feel troubled for Floki's wife as well because it can't be an easy thing for her to do, putting her husband into the hands of the Viking community, where he will surely be judged harshly for his crime. She probably tossed the idea around for a long while before deciding to do what she feels is right (lily) and cleanse her conscience.

Good luck Floki!


The episode didn't actually say that Floki's wife told the others about his "bad deed" but Bjorn; Ragnar's son, had Floki arrested for the murder of Athelstan. It is unclear what punishment awaits Floki at this moment.

It felt like the episode flew by, and I didn't want it to end. Waiting another week to see the next episode is a killer after binging on past seasons without interruptions. *sigh.

#Vikings returns Thursday at 10e/p
The gods have a gift for you. In honour of the return of #Vikings, we have a special sneak peek at Thursday's premiere!
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  1. I don't know anything about this show!

    I guess you've been so busy with school you've had no time to update. Whatcha been reading lately? :D

  2. I am addicted to the show! I haven't had time to read anything but text books for school. My eyes are bugging outta my head. They hurt. :( There are times I wonder what the heck I was thinking when I signed up for classes! lol