Monday, February 15, 2016

Week of 2/15/16 - Into the Unknown

My week ahead: 2/15 - 2/21
Deck: The Wild Unknown Tarot

Monday 2/15/16: daughter of cups -
The daughter of cups in this deck is usually the page of cups in a traditional tarot deck.

Since I am actually posting this on Monday, and the day is almost over, I can say without a doubt that my day has been calm and stable, just as the water this lovely swan swims in. This swan reminds me that there is power in the simplicity of life. My youngest daughter, so precious, came to me this afternoon asking if I would do something special with her because she was having trouble occupying herself. She doesn't have school this week, and with the temperatures being below zero outside, there is only so much she can do inside the house without getting bored. We ended up making donut muffins, filling our house with a cinnamon fragrance, and much needed warmth. It was very nice, and a bonding experience. :)

Tuesday 2/16/16: 7 of cups -
This card is a little "trippy" to look at. It is about illusions and deception, but also, traditionally, the 7 of cups is about making a decision. I will have to really examine the choices in front of me and make sure that the cup I grab is really full and not empty. I have a lot of school work to do this week, even though I have the week off. It could mean that I may lack focus and commitment to my school work. Perhaps something will be distracting me, and I will procrastinate? Or maybe this is a warning that I will overindulge myself with snacks? I have been trying very hard not to eat more than I need to keep my body going, but hey, those muffins are calling my name!

**Update** I think I did overindulge myself with those muffins, and I also found several other things to do throughout the day instead of my school work!

Wednesday 2/17/16: 4 of wands -
Since I do not own the companion book for this deck, I am choosing to use the traditional meaning of the 4 of wands. It usually means a rejoicing over a happy event, or relishing the moment. I know that I have been anticipating the 4th season of "Vikings" on the history channel, and it happens to be starting on Thursday, perhaps this will be the reason for some excitement on Wednesday? I'm silly like that. I've been anxiously counting down the days.

**Update** I joined hulu plus so I could binge on past episodes of Vikings. I was on cloud 9.

Thursday 2/18/16: 8 of cups -
The 8 of cups is traditionally a card that represents moving on. Sometimes I become burned out in life, and want to walk away and start over. Unfortunately, it isn't as simple as that, and these thoughts can weigh heavily on my mind. The cups in this picture are broken, and can no longer hold enough liquid to quench my thirst. Perhaps I will feel some disappointment on Thursday. Whatever it is that leaves me dragging through the day, I hope it isn't too bad!

**Update** It felt like the day was dragging by as I waited for the new episode of Vikings to come on. When it did, I felt it was too short, and left me frustrated.

Friday 2/19/16:  9 of cups -
The 9 of cups for me is the wish card. Usually when this card comes up, I get something that I have been wishing for, and as a result, I feel "pleased as punch." I'm looking forward to seeing what Friday brings now!

**Update** I found chocolate Italian Ice at the grocery store tonight. Yum! Also, I drove my oldest daughter to meet up and spend the weekend with her best friend. They haven't seen one another in months, so both were excited to see the other. I hope they have a good time!

Saturday 2/20/16: 7 of swords -
The fox is usually about deception, or hiding from truth. Maybe I will hide from an obligation, I could say that someone might lie to me that day, but to be honest, my social circle is a bit small right now. I socialize online more than I do face to face. Maybe I will just prefer solitude Saturday?

Sunday 2/21/16: The Hermit -
Since I begin school again Monday, there is a good chance that I will be like this turtle, and retreat into my own private world, avoiding distractions and getting a lot of studying done. I have five chapter tests Monday. I'm quite certain I will desire stillness for days afterward. LOL.

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