Monday, August 24, 2015

Square of Nine - Lenormand Reading

Carta Mundi Lenormand 
Here is a reading today, posted with permission, excluding names etc.

A female client has begun a new relationship with a man. Things are moving along really fast, and she is feeling pretty good about it. They currently live together, and she wants to know how things will go between them in the coming weeks / months.

I did charge the man and woman in the deck to represent themselves. I added them into the whole deck, shuffled, cut the deck and then drew out nine cards after the deck was reassembled, letting the cards fall naturally at will.

Looking at the four corners first, we have Dog+Tower and Child + Man.

Read together we get a single friend / romantic interest (dog+tower) looking for a new start (child+man). He could be seen as immature (child+man), I say this rather than a young man, because the tower represents someone older in age to me, and we would have one card saying older, and one saying younger and that wouldn't work for this reading because we are talking about one man -- he can't be both younger and older than this woman!

The center card is the Snake, which tells what the focus will be between the couple in the coming weeks / months. I am guessing weeks though because with my experience, Lenormand cards tend to unfold quicker rather than slower. Sometimes cards are already manifesting as the cards are laid out. No lie. That is one of the things that intrigues me most about this wonderful deck of cards.

Anyhow, the Snake is about complications, troubles and detours. It can also be another woman since I charged the actual woman in the deck to represent my client, I know that this is not her. So what the snake is telling me here is that this couple is going to have some complications in the coming days.

Card one - the Dog, is the reason why the question is being asked in the first place. She wants a loyal romantic partner, and things seem to be good right now, so she would like to see them continue in this way. Who wouldn't? :)

I then examine the diamond around the central card. We have here: Fox + Sun, and Mice + Crossroads. These combinations will tell the dynamics of their troubles and anything hidden that will have an influence on the days to come.

I see that things may be going along so smoothly that it will become too good to be true. (fox+sun). Perhaps he is putting on a front for her? This is usually the case in the beginning of a relationship, but not usually with the intent to cause mischief, which the fox card represents here.

This is going to cause some stress or loss (mice). I am seeing that there will be some worrisome choices, a choice that results in loss, or some uncertainty in their future. (mice+crossroads).

Row one across: Dog + Fox + Child - a false start with a friend or romantic partner.

Row two across: Sun + Snake + Mice - success brings both problems and loss.

Row three across - Man + Crossroads + Tower - although this can be read in a few different ways, I am getting the sense here that this man will stand tall and walk away. He isn't stable (man+crossroads) and will make a decision to be alone (crossroads+tower).

The arrows are Dog + Crossroads + Child and Man + Fox + Tower.
The friend / new romantic partner will make a choice immaturely. I say immaturely because the child is next to the fox card, so I see it in a negative light. (dog+crossroads+child).
The man (man) has old secrets (fox, tower).

Additional info can be seen in knighting. Here I am noticing that the Man knights both the Fox, and the Mice. Together these cards say to me that the man can be dishonest and that he probably doesn't have any money.

Also continuing to knight, the Dog knights both the Mice and the Crossroads, which say to me that two friends part ways.

In summary: I believe in the days to come this woman will find out things about this man that she doesn't like, and it will cause issues between them, and eventually a parting of ways.

I did this reading in a way that others could see exactly my thinking, in hopes that if anyone has trouble reading a square of nine, this may help. I never put "fluffy stuff" in a reading if it isn't there, and I try to use words that will help rather than hurt.  Have a blessed week ahead!

Blessed Be.


  1. Not a nice reading to receive and hopefully it was just confirmation to what was in the back of her mind regarding this chap. That reading though, was so helpful to me to understand a bit more about the 3X3 as I am just starting out on my Lenormand journey. Thank you for explaining what you were doing and why you came to the conclusions you did so clearly. BB

    1. You are very welcome. I am glad that you found it useful. :) Yes, it really isn't such a nice reading, but it could save her some grief later, hopefully.

  2. I've never heard of "knighting" (not knowing much about Lenormand). It was very interesting to see how you used this technique, and how that added information to the reading!

    1. Oh really? It's just like in the game of chess, up to over one. You can also mirror cards, as if it were a folded piece of paper instead of a card spread, but I didn't do it here because I had enough information already. But in this case, if we were to mirror a card, an example would be the sun and the mice, they are in the same position but opposite one another. Or the dog and the tower, fox and crossroads etc. :)