Wednesday, August 12, 2015

The Therapeutic Shopper

Wings of Change Lenormand - top row
Today I drew from two different Lenormand decks. The first row is the Wings of Change Lenormand by Chloe McCracken. The second row is the Carta Mundi Lenormand.

The question: Why did she purchase the item from me?

Line one : Clouds + Anchor + Garden + Key + Lily.

Clouds - trouble, doubt, confusion, uncertainty.
Anchor - hope, stability, job, attachments, faithfulness, steadfast.
Garden - public, community, network, entertainment.
Key - access, opportunity, solution, important, certainty.
Lily - family, virtue, elder, healing, pure.

It looks like she may have had some uncertainty whether or not she liked the item at first (clouds). Perhaps she looked at it several times and had an attachment to it (anchor).
The item is located online, so it is easily accessible to her (garden).
She saw an opportunity to get it (key).
So she did get it, without any deceptive motive (lily).

Mirroring cards - she could be using the item for success at work, or perhaps it was on her wish list already and she finally had the opportunity to get it (anchor, key). Maybe she had nothing better to do (clouds, lily).

Line two : Mice + Garden + Coffin + House + Clouds.

Mice - theft, deterioration, loss, damage, anxiety, stress, pests.
Garden - public, community, network, entertainment.
Coffin - a box, ending, depression, sickness.
House - home life, family, property, real estate, comfort.
Clouds - trouble, doubt, confusion, uncertainty.

When mice, and garden are together I think of a stressful event (mice, garden), that
left her feeling depressed (coffin),
caused her to seek comfort (house) in the confusion & trouble (clouds).
Maybe she was shopping for therapeutic benefit?

Mirroring cards - networking from the comfort of her home (garden, house), looking for a way to replace a lost item, or to feel good for a minute (mice, clouds).

Sorry for the less than mediocre photo, I had a teenager trying to be a part of the picture. :) lol

Hope everyone is having a lovely week. I am quite thankful that it has been a little cooler outside. Quite beautiful weather actually. We have had some rain, but I like rain, especially the smell it leaves in the air when it passes. That, and it leaves everything bright green, and pretty.

Blessed Be.


  1. Sounds like there's a lot of backstory to this reading... Glad the weather is better, we've been warned of torrential rain :/

    1. Yes, there is back-story. Not a lot, but some. Enough to keep me curious. ;) Good luck with the rain!