Sunday, April 17, 2016

Another Playboy

Victorian Romantic Tarot & Celtic Lenormand

I really want to get back into doing daily draws but school has been keeping me SO BUSY! Some days I wonder what the heck I was thinking when I signed up, but other days I feel like I am accomplishing something worth while. Nursing is certainly a rewarding career choice, but I can't wait to use the skills that I am learning in a real world setting.

Today I drew the Knight of Cups from the Victorian Romantic Tarot. He is a charming young man with sparkling armor. He is well protected except for his head. He looks up at the sky as if daydreaming about something bigger than himself. His hair is longer and has a bit of curl. It seems the girls go nuts over curls because he is surrounded by several beauties. He could have his pick of any of them. I know who this playboy is for me today; he is the man that my affections have turned toward in the last couple of days. He just so happens to be venturing into "single" status. Even though I am quite excited about this, it appears that he is in no hurry to set his sights on just one woman. In fact, his sights are set on any! They paw all over him, but he looks like he hardly notices, and might even be annoyed. For now his head is in the clouds, and he contemplates his next move. I suppose I should back off a bit, and let him take care of business. After-all, I have quite a bit on my own plate right now. I am a patient person, and will certainly invite my own distractions.

The next three cards are drawn from the Celtic Lenormand. They seem to go along with what I mention above. This man has much to manage right now from past commitments, and I should gently nurture the friendship between us.

Off to study. Much to learn.


  1. Could you spell out the reading you've done with Bear + Dog + Ring, please? :)

  2. committing yourself to be a loyal, nurturing friend / a powerful friend / managing your commitment to a friend - these are the interpretations that I have for my particular reading and circumstances. :)