Friday, April 22, 2016

Too Tired to Fight

Victorian Romantic Tarot & Celtic Lenormand
Oh dear, look at the load on her back, and in her arms? She must be tired and ready to just drop everything and rest her poor aching body. But she cradles a baby in her arms, so she knows she can't just let go, but she must be more careful.

The three Lenormand cards suggest that happiness has a price, and sometimes there is unavoidable conflict.

I am not sure what all that is about, but I am guessing that I will certainly be relieved that the weekend is finally here! I get to relax, and put aside my school stuff for 24 hours before I have to start studying for the week ahead. Oh goodness, it is going to feel so good! But before I can do that, I first have to take my kids to see their father. So not up for the extra miles I have to drive.

I hope there won't be any quarrels today, because I am too tired to fight.

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