Sunday, March 9, 2014

Daily Draw - with midnight madness lenormand

Upon waking this morning, and seeing a beautiful sun filling the sky - I feel happy. This winter has been treacherous, and I will be so thrilled when it goes away!

While sipping my coffee, I pulled three Lenormand cards to see what I could expect from my day today. Above is my Midnight Madness Lenormand.

I drew (the sun, the fox and the rider). No pre-selected cards. I read these three together, usually, as success through deception of a letter. But since it is a daily draw, it may be a little less severe.

What I really love about the Lenormand is that they are so precise! When I signed into my email I got a letter from a fan of this very deck. She already owns two of them, and is hoping to get a third because she never wants to be without them. I can't tell how good that makes me feel! :)

Anyhow, she was looking to swap a deck with  me if I had this one on hand to send, but unfortunately I no longer keep decks on hand, but send them directly from the printer. It is more feasible that way. Plus it keeps down the shipping cost for the buyer. For some reason the printer gets cheaper shipping rates.

So, hearing that she enjoys this deck so much, I cleverly decided to offer her a discount on her next purchase. So the three cards above, I believe relate to this very subject! I had to word my letter "cleverly" - as a reply back to her, and offer this discount, and who wouldn't be happy with one of those? Especially when it has no expiration date.

Either way - there was success through messages today, and I had to use my brain to write it because I was on my first cup of coffee and not fully awake. Loving my cards.

Blessed Be.


  1. Well, it is a lovely, fun deck :) Glad you had such a positive start to your day!