Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Daily Draw - Passionately Sharing

Daily Draw - What needs to be avoided?

8 of Air in reverse -

This card's image is a group of like minded people sitting in a circle working together for a single purpose. Some are good speakers, some are good listeners.

I spent the morning on facebook almost afraid to post anything after this past weeks debates and hotheadedness in some of the groups I am involved in. So instead of posting anything in the groups, I only posted on my page.

I have been watching Jesse Ventura "Conspiracy Theory" videos lately and they have been just short of mind blowing. Now during free time, I sit and think about the truths and fallacies of the videos, and what could and could not happen. So with that said, my opinions have changed a bit and I tend to be a little more open with my political views.

I think I am still coming down off the energies that were displayed in above groups over the past week finding myself contemplating my posts a little more carefully.

The 8 of Air in reverse, in the position of "what to avoid today" I hear the message that I should still post things that are concurrent to my beliefs and that some of these things need to be heard by others. So this card is telling me to avoid too much silence, which is the reverse of the topic I discussed yesterday. The only difference is that these posts will be shared on my own page, while I remain silent in the groups for a while. Completely different topics discussed in one, vs the other. Therefore, yesterdays advice still remains. :)

Blessed Be

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