Thursday, July 16, 2015

New Moon Perfection

Bohemian Gothic Tarot & Victorian Romantic Tarot
Today I drew the 8 of pentacles. In a standard Tarot deck, it usually represents being engaged in your work, learning all that you can along the way. It is about the quality of your work that makes you stand out above others. When you work at something hard enough, you can perfect it.

When looking at the card on the left, we see a little girl holding a doll in her arms. She has a smile on her face, and looks on at it with admiration.

The shopkeeper, assuming he is also the one who made the doll, folds his hands in front of him, watching after the little girl as she walks away, her back toward him. To me, the look on his face seems to be showing some resentment, or sadness. I am thinking that he put so much time, and effort into making this little doll, that he doesn't quite want to let it go.

In the card on the right, we see a young, handsome man sitting at the edge of his seat, balancing a pot on his lap. As he holds a paint brush in a very steady hand, he enthusiastically paints a pattern onto the pottery piece. His toes are even helping to balance him so that he doesn't slip up and make a mistake as he paints. He is at peace while he works. A woman looks on at him, admiring his work. It looks like she has been watching him for quite a while, being sure not to distract him, she leans against a wall keeping herself from making any sudden movements.

Tonight is a new moon, and I will be activating some magical things that I have ready to release into the Universe. When I do these rituals, I am sure to do them with as much intent, and perfection that I can. I start by clearing away any negativity, and grounding myself. Magic takes the path of least resistance, so I am sure that nothing I send out will keep it from manifesting.

Also, these cards put me to mind of how thoughtfully I prepared dinner tonight. I made sure that each bite would be full of flavor, and pleasing to our taste-buds. When I was finished, I put together eye pleasing plates, and sent them into the dinner area with the girls. I watched after them from the doorway, as they took their first bite. I wanted to be sure that they were as happy with how dinner turned out, as I was. Just as always, it took much less time to gobble the food than it did to prepare it.

Today is clearly about focus for me. :)

Blessed Be.


  1. Focus and being present in the moment.. How difficult such a simple way of living can be. I hope your magic will roam freely and that all you intentions will be energized by the New Moon.

  2. When I saw the BG Eight of Pents, I was focused on the girl with the doll. I was thinking this was how she would practice to be a mom one day. As you said, where you place your focus can change things. :)
    Your girls are lucky to have a mom who cooks wonderful dinners for them!