Thursday, July 23, 2015

Coffee Caravan Oracle Cards

Since I was asked to tell more about my Coffee Caravan Oracle Cards, I have decided to write this blog for those interested.

The Arabs discovered coffee beans around 600 AD. They were able to keep this beverage a secret for a couple of hundred years, and then after introducing it to the Turks, it became popular in the whole of Western Europe sometime around the late 18th century.

Certain coffee leaves a thick, muddy sediment at the bottom of your cup. If you swirl the cup and turn it upside down, the grounds will fall down leaving some patterns on the surface of the cup. There are a lot of people who believe that images and shapes created in the coffee ground in contrast with the white color of the cup have predictable future meanings.

The ancient art of coffee cup reading has been very popular in the Middle East & Greece for thousands of years. It is quite common to see friends sharing coffee and having a glimpse into one another's future at local cafes. It is a social ritual accepted by most everyone.

Each culture has its own rituals and traditions related to coffee prediction. Since religion is also involved in coffee cup readings, it is understandable that a few symbols are interpreted differently.

There are variations in symbols and meanings in both coffee cup readings, and tea leaf readings. I have taken these common symbols and added my own suggested meanings to them, turning them into a beautiful oracle deck. This allows for the same great readings without the mess, and they can be done at your convenience, in any location.

I am not the first person to incorporate similar symbols into cards, but I have created this particular deck to my own style and taste.

I have spent many hours collecting images via public domain and other paid stock image sites, in order to come up with this vibrant set of cards. There are 69 cards total and 3 that include suggested meanings to each of the 69 symbols used.

They are read similar to Lenormand cards, but unlike Lenormand, there are no rules. This is an oracle, so it is meant to be used in whichever way comes natural to you, and rings true to you. If you feel a certain image should mean something else, then by all means, let it represent what you want it to. These cards are just a tool, and you are the diviner. Your intuition is what will put meaning into your readings.

The title of my deck came to me through my own free spirit and desire to someday travel the world. I thought that it was catchy and inspiring. The backs of the cards show a map of the world in coffee beans, and a gypsy caravan setting up camp as they travel to wherever the wind takes them.

Thank you for inquiring about my cards. If you are interested in owning a deck of your own, you can purchase one through my etsy store HERE.

If you have an oracle of your own, and wish to swap a deck, I am open to that as well. Just message me on etsy, and we can negotiate. :)

Blessed Be.


  1. This is a beautiful deck Bridgett and so creatively put together. I see you have created a number of other decks too. And then this song pops in my head
    "If I were a rich man,
    Ya ha deedle deedle, bubba bubba deedle deedle dum"

    1. Fiddler on the Roof LOL! My ex husband used to walk around the house signing that. I must confess, I have attempted watching it several times, but fall asleep. But I do like musicals. Particularly, The King and I, Funny Girl, and Seven Brides for Severn Brothers. :)

    2. ugh, don't mind my fluffy fingers, spelling words wrong!

  2. You're so creative and so quiet about it. Promote yourself, lady! Why aren't you making You Tubes promoting your cards? (Don't make me come over there.)

    1. Ha! I shall be even more quiet now just so you do come visit. :P

  3. Great post, Bridgett! The cards are wonderful and I really enjoyed the journey you took us on through their creation. Thank you for sharing your creative process.