Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Cold As Ice

I thought I would do a reading to see what is coming up for me in August. I am using my Coffee Caravan Cards.

The cards to the left are my present circumstances. We have Balloon, Elephant and Letter.

Balloon usually represents a celebration of some sort, releasing tension or having lofty ideas.

Elephant is about a heaviness, something big, a short delay followed by success.

Letter is mail, papers, or communication.

In order to read these cards we put them together, quite similar to Lenormand.

For me, these cards are saying that my thoughts are heavy, and it keeps me from saying what is on my mind, out loud anyway. This is very true at the moment. As past posts have stated, I am currently in the process of letting go of a friendship that was suppose to result in a romantic partner. There hasn't been any recent communication between us, and I am not convinced that there will be either. I think things are just what they are, and need no explanation. Short messages were exchanged a couple weeks ago, and they were precise and to the point. I should be celebrating and feeling lighter now because I am no longer standing still, but choosing to move ahead. There is something empowering about taking yourself out of the running for second best. I refuse to be any man's "option."

These three cards are my past. We have carousel, house and rabbit.

Caraousel represents an adventure, something fast, whirling out of control, and often times infatuation.

House is our home life, our family and the things that bring us comfort or stability.

Rabbits are fast, elusive and mostly shy. This card comes up when we avoid things.

Together these cards tell me that my past has been primarily about infatuation with someone familiar, and elusive. It started quickly, and ended just as fast. I didn't know if I was coming or going with him, and when I decided to get off the carousel, I was dizzy.

Three more cards here, in the position of advice.
They are mushroom, coffin and key.

Mushroom is about feeling small and insignificant. Usually when this starts to happen, it doesn't stop there, as mushrooms start popping up everywhere in proper conditions.

Coffin is headaches, feeling sick, endings or being stuck in a place for way too long.

Key is something important, an opportunity or a way out, a chance to advance.

As far as advice, these cards tell me that there is no logical reason to stick around in a place that makes me feel small, and insignificant. There is and will continue to be many opportunities that come up that are far better than what I am being offered right now!

In the position of obstacles, I have mask, volcano and wand.

Mask is about the things that are hidden from view. When we wear a mask, not only do we conceal our own self, but we also obscure our own vision looking out the holes.

Volcano, those dreaded emotions, usually anger seeping through. By the time they erupt, there is little we can do to stop the damage. This is life-changing.

Wand is a card that represents manifestation, or manipulation of the things in our environment to get what we want. Choosing to be in control instead of letting others control you. If accompanied by negative cards, it can be in the reverse, stating that someone else is controlling you!

The obstacles that I face currently, and through out the month of August are taking back what is mine, and not allowing another to control my emotions. To see through the deception and uncover the hidden.

In my future (August), we have iceberg, horse and moon.

Iceberg can indicate trouble, slow moving things, coldness, or being into something deeply.

Horse brings messages, a new lover or fast movement.

Moon tells of emotions, dreams, night, or a phase that is being passed through.

Coming up in the month of August, for myself, I see me continuing to avoid messaging him, even if it hurts. But I also see him doing the same thing, as the horse faces the slow moving iceberg. I don't think I will be open to receiving a new lover, at least for now, but I do feel that I will pass through the month of August rather quickly, and in control of my own self. Since I didn't let too much happen between us, the hurt will run its course, and then all will be well again. This is to be expected.

Well, I hope you enjoyed my Coffee Caravan Oracle Cards. Until next time.

Blessed Be.


  1. I think your Coffee Caravan Cards are very cool! :)
    Early in your post you say that you should be celebrating and feeling lighter. But you have lost a friend in all of this, and I imagine you may need time to grieve that loss. I think in time you will feel good about your decision, but right now it is important to be gentle and kind to yourself. (((BB)))

    1. Yes, I certainly agree. It has been coming on for quite sometime, so I have had time to wrap my mind around it. I think my intuition is sharp, and I have known all along. Thanks for saying my cards are cool. That means a lot to me. :)

  2. Are these your own cards, Bridgett? They are wonderful! And the name of them is inspired, with its connotations of exotic travel and reading cards over the flicker of a campfire.

    Your Mushroom card is brilliant, taking that idea of that fast-multiplying energy given the right conditions of damp and dark, and using it as a card. I'd love to see a post on how you developed these.

    Sending you good wishes for a fruitful August.

    1. Thank you. I will blog more about them later today if I get the chance. :)

  3. I wish you a beautiful month of August with lots of room for selfcare and selflove because you do so deserve this. I agree with Bev You can't run away from grief. It will always catch up with you one way or another. So take also time for that part of the process of letting go
    Gentle Hugs

    1. Thank you. Yes, I learned a long time ago not to forget to grieve properly, as it does catch up with us, for sure! Hugs back. :)

  4. What a pertinent reading. I adore your cards. Have a blessed August BB