Thursday, July 9, 2015

Flowers Grow Where They Are Planted

Today's cards are drawn again from the Bohemian Gothic Tarot, and the Victorian Romantic Tarot, both published by the same company. Baba Studios.

I get the page of swords. The page of swords is a card that symbolizes a curiosity or a mental anxiety / restlessness.

In the darker card, we have a woman who looks to be in a park at night. I wonder if she arrived at the park earlier, and sat next to the lantern in hopes that when darkness fell, it would give her some sort of light to comfort her? She looks like she is to meet someone, and I picture her frequently looking over her shoulder. Her mannerism in the image shows definite restlessness or angst. There is an angel behind her holding a sword. It is pointing down as if the angel is distracted by something other than the swords pointed edge.The angel in deep thought.

In the lighter card, a young man dressed in blue and yellow stands with his feet shoulder length apart in a garden outside a castle. Beside him is his friendly companion, a golden colored dog. Neither seem to be in motion, but just standing there, thinking. The man is not looking down, or even ahead, but off into space, perhaps lost in a daydream. The sword in his hand is pointing forward, but without intent to use it. He absolutely looks curious, and distracted. I'm betting that if I were standing before him in the garden he would have a lot to say, and with enthusiasm.

The 10 of swords on the left is of a woman who mourns for a lost loved one as she sits wiping her tears at their grave site, toward evening. You can tell that she visits the grave often because their are many flowers there, and they look well groomed. It also looks like the grave is on a hill over looking water, a rather lovely place for a loved one to rest eternally. There had to have been a lot of thought that went into finding this most perfect place. The sky is darkened by some rain clouds, but also some sunlight peeks through, leaving the sky pink. They say, "pink sky at night is a sailors delight, but if in the morning, sailors take warning." With that said, it may very well symbolize that her time for mourning may soon be over.

The 10 of swords on the right is such a beautiful image, and one like no other that I have seen. I find it stunning to look at, as it speaks volumes. The 10 of swords in general talks about betrayal, defeat and loss. In this image a person lays in the shallow water on a beach. How they got there, I can not say for sure, but it does make me think that they may have survived a great storm. The waves are crashing, and they have white caps. I am sure that the water is chilly and the wind quite fierce. The seagulls flying overhead may even be having trouble flying, yet they stay captivated by what goes on beneath them on the shoreline. A wave, in the form of a beautiful woman wraps its self around this person, as if to provide a safe haven, shelter from the storm. To me the waves symbolize the passing of emotions. This person lays wrapped up in their emotions, and can't find strength in themselves to get up and out of the water to dry off. They have lost all hope, and look for comfort in themselves. This usually happens when one feels the sting of betrayal, or defeat. There will however come a time when this person will have to get out of the water, or die from hypothermia, or even dehydration.

These cards are quite accurate for me during the last few hours. I am in deep thought, distracted by all sorts of things, trying to focus on one matter that needs my attention.

It is an emotional matter, and it causes me some deep pain, pain so deep that I rarely let it surface. I bet if it did surface I would cry an ocean, and be that person defeated, laying in the water feeling sorry for myself.

I have to remind myself that I am not a victim, nor do I have no say over my life! The truth is, I have most say over my life, and especially in the matter that I speak of.

I think the cards are telling me that  I need to let this emotional attachment go and return to the sea so that this mourning process can finally be over. It is what it is, and despite my grooming the flowers to make things look pretty, the truth is, I am rooted in the dirt where my feet walk, and flowers don't transplant well after digging them up. Neither does the past! If it didn't work before, it probably isn't going to now. You can't move forward by looking behind you.

Blessed Be.


  1. " don't transplant well after digging them up. Neither does the past!"
    I think if people would come to grips with this idea, they would stop repeating the same mistakes over and over (also known as insanity). :)
    I too love the VR Ten of Swords card; I imagine when his boxers fill with wet sand and get uncomfortable, he'll get up and get moving!

    1. LOL! The image of wet sand in my pants made the hair stand up on the back of my deck.