Saturday, June 21, 2014

Summer Solstice 2014 - Joy with Tater Salad

Summer Solstice 2014 BlogHop 
For this blog hop, the theme is: joy. What are you joyful about? What brings light to your heart? How do you spread joy to others?

While trying to come up with something that brings me joy, it was very difficult to pick just one!! 

Instead of stating the obvious - my children, my friends, and the warmth of the sun - being that I live in the tippy top of NY and winter lasts about nine months out of the year here; I have found the one thing that is inside of me that no one has ever been able to take away. 

See, my kids go to their father's every other weekend, some of my friends come and go, and the sun doesn't always bring me warmth! 

But deep down inside of me is this precious gift that belongs to me and is part of me. It shows its self to me no matter where I am and it enhances every aspect of my life in some way. This gift I speak of is in all of us, but more prominent in some than others. So what is it? It is IMAGINATION, and there is no end to its generosity in my existence. 

Whether it be putting pencil to paper and crafting an artistic drawing, or filling up pages with as many words that I can type in thirty minutes, it brings me joy. From the moment I open my eyes in the morning til I close them at night, my gift of imagination fills my life with color and beauty. My conversations with people are enhanced with humor and wit. My ability to close my eyes and meditate brings peace to an otherwise stressful environment. My fabricated, written stories not only bring happiness into my own life, but also touch the lives of those who read them. My imagination encourages me to step outside of the box and create wonderful works of art that I share with people all over the world in one form or another. These works of art even offer me a supplemental income that helps me keep a roof over my head when times are tough. 

I have been reading cards since the age of 13 and now at age 36, I have finally let myself express this love by creating inspirational decks for others to use in their practice. When I sit down to create them my entire body experiences a meditative, relaxed state and my heart is filled with so much joy that I am bursting at the seems with imagination. If you would like to see my creations, you may do so HERE

On those days when my heart feels heavy, and I can't stand one more second of it, I take out my set of paints and add some imagination with them. At the end of an hour, I am redeemed and whole again! Imagination helps me enjoy all the other joys in my life - ten fold. :)

If anyone wants to get in touch with their creative spirit & imagination, I found this great Summer Solstice Craft idea HERE.

Now for a quick Summer Solstice Tarot Spread...

1. What do I need to Harvest? (Justice) -
I need to learn how to be fair to myself & to stop judging myself so harshly. I am my own worse critic. I also need to learn to manage my time more wisely. Some of my projects need my attention, but I do not give them the proper amount of time because I procrastinate! ha.

2&3. What tools do I need to use? (Hanged Man) -
Apparently a good set of scissors! LOL This will enable me to cut myself down and stop hanging around in areas that absorb my energy & time. I need to let go of things that are not important, and pay more attention to the things that are. Being in limbo is not doing me justice. ;) 
Perhaps it might even be wise for me to stop involving myself in too many projects at once. Learn how to delegate some tasks to others.
(Chariot) -
I need to assert myself a little more in appropriate areas of my life and to learn to hone in on the things that will be most beneficial to me. Up until now, my life has had very little direction. This reading is telling me that I need to pick a direction and go with it instead of trying to go both at once!

4. What will this harvest bring into my life? (Death) -
Major transformations! I can put an end to my struggles and find new hope for me and my children, living a purpose filled life. :)

Summer Solstice Correspondences:

Keywords: Power, leadership, authority
Element: Fire
Direction: South
Cycle of the Wheel The Goddess gives birth to the Dark Twin and so becomes the Mother Goddess. In turn the God is now the God King and they enter into a formal sacred marriage in which he promises to lay down his life for the Goddess, the land and her people. The God reaches his height of power and God and Goddess are equal at their coronation.
But by the end of the day the God knows that henceforward he will grow weaker.
Energies: The high turning point as full power begins to wane from this day
Symbols: Brightly-coloured flowers, oak boughs or tall broad indigenous trees, golden fern pollen that is said to reveal buried treasure wherever it falls, scarlet, orange and yellow ribbons, gold coloured coins and any gold jewellery that can be empowered at the festival, any golden fruit or vegetables.
Animal: Bear
Tree: Oak
Incenses, flower and herbs: Chamomile, dill, elder, fennel, lavender, frankincense, orange, marigolds, rosemary, sage and sagebrush, St. John’s Wort, lemon verbena and vervain, any golden, red or orange flowers
Candle colours: Red, orange, gold
Crystals: Amber, carnelian or red jasper, sun stone; also sparkling crystal quartz spheres

Thanks for visiting my blog! May you and your imagination bring you joy this season.
Blessed Be

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Tater Salad Oracle Set - NEW!!

 Tater Salad Oracle Set 

2 decks in 1 - great deal!

I have put together a really neat little package. If you are a card reader, you will appreciate the effort that has been put into this set of oracle cards. 

It includes 22 Major Arcana Tarot Cards that I have named "Tater Salad Tarot." 
also ...

It includes 36 Unique Lenormand Cards plus a yes/no card for extras. This is named "Tater Salad Lenormand."

So what's with the name?                                                        
Well, I have to be honest. I really thought this name is catchy and fun. Each image was hand picked by me and used specifically to my own taste, kinda like when you make a potato salad!

The Lenormand cards have a silver color background that will not distract you if you are reading a GT. The images are minimal and left that way on purpose. These will make a great addition to any collection. 

As for the Major Arcana cards, those have a rusted, vintage feel to them. The images are very powerful and are easy to relate to a normal Tarot deck. The only image that I have changed the name of is the"Hierophant." Instead, this card is named the "Shaman" in this deck. 

Although there are two different decks here in this set, each card ties together nicely as they have the same backing to them. It is of a pinup girl and her picnic basket.

If you have never just used the Major Arcana for readings, have no worry because I will be sending you a link to a downloadable pdf file with a few spreads that only use these cards.

The cards themselves are poker size, and smooth to shuffle. They do not come with a box though - so you will want to find a bag to hold them in. They are shrink wrapped and sent directly from the printers. They are also very sturdy.

I hope you enjoy this "mod podge" of eclectic images. The size & the fact that they come in a set make it very convenient to take along with you in your pocket or purse! Two decks for the price of one!!

If you want to purchase this set you can do so by clicking <HERE>

Blessed Be

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Interview With the Chrysalis Tarot - Chrysalis Tarot Day 4

On my spare time, I love going to other blogs and reading about other people's take on Tarot. A couple of days ago I stumbled upon one of the neatest ways that I have seen yet in regards to getting to know any new decks that you may have accumulated and not used yet.

Samhain Moon interviews her decks and lets the deck tell us about its self! How cool is that? Since my Chrysalis Tarot is new, and I am using it this week, I thought it would be perfect as my first interviewed deck. I'm like a little kid in a candy store again, squealing in delight - so fun. I can't wait to see what the cards reveal to me.

What is your most important characteristic?
7 of mirrors. (7 of cups) - I am a spiritual counselor, and I can help others to see what they themselves are unable to see. I remind people that it is okay to be a dreamer, but keeping a firm grasp on reality is very important when making life altering decisions. I stand firm and I am a friend who will not lie to you or send you down a path in which you do not belong.

What are your strengths as a Tarot deck?
6 of spirals. (6 of wands) - I exuberant self confidence, and have the ability to help others to succeed. I am also not bragging, but I am very beautiful and will be recognized by many. :)

What are your limits?
Herne the Hunter. (The Chariot) - I can only point you in the right direction, but I can not force you to go that way. You yourself are in control of your own destiny. I am a tool.

What are you here to teach me?
Storyteller. (The Hermit) - I am here to show you how to listen to your inner guide, and trust in it. We do our best learning when we are alone with ourselves.

How can I best learn how to collaborate with you?
8 of stones. (8 of pentacles) - Become my apprentice and engage with me on a daily basis. Do not expect to receive perfect readings all the time. There is much to be learned.

What is the potential outcome of our working relationship?
Green Man. (The Emperor) - You will become the author of your own story, and your life will remain on stable ground. Your confidence will go up.

Which card do you want to show off?
Sun. - Can you see the warmth in this card? My passion? Vitality? I want to help you see the beauty in life, and all the wonders of the environment around you!

How do you see me?
Elpi. (The Star) - I see you as a dreamer. Someone who is spiritual and full of hope. Your inspiration inspires others!

How do you see yourself?
Ariadne. (Death) - I am your tour guide. I will help you explore other dimensions. I will bring you to them. Bring you through them, and bring you back out of them. I am your light.

I have included lots of card images for you to see why this deck is a favorite of mine. It is pure delight to read with. I think it's the first deck I have really bonded with in such a short time. If anyone has any decks that they would like me to review for them, I would be glad to. Just email me HERE.

Blessed Be

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Chrysalis Tarot - Day 3

Today I am using the Chrysalis Tarot.

The spread comes from Biddy Tarot.

It is a three card spread answering the following information:

Current Situation / Obstacle / Advice.

My sitter's question today is :
"Can you give me an overview of my love life?"

It seems that the querent has been trying out on-line dating and looking for a partner who actually doesn't lie, and matches well with her. Each date she goes on ends up worse than the one before, and it's taking its toll on her.

Her Current Situation - 7 of mirrors - This card is equivalent to the 7 of cups in a traditional Tarot deck. The 7 of cups is about fantasy, illusion, wishful thinking, choices and imagination. In the Chrysalis Tarot LWB, it says that a beautiful lady spends day in and day out in isolation in her tower chamber. For her, the reality of the outside world is trapped in seven mirrors. This leaves her confused and unsatisfied. The 7 of mirrors is about discernment, false reality and free will. This card reminds you to keep a firm grip on what is real. Now in relation to my querent, it appears that in her current situation she may be fantasizing about the "perfect" man, but maybe her standards are a little too high. It can also be that she is trying to hard to find a relationship, when she should concentrate a bit more on just being happy with herself and loving who she is. Being a single, independent woman is a good thing. If you can't be happy on your own, then being with someone else will not make you happy either.

Obstacle - Ariadne - This card is equivalent to the Death card in a traditional Tarot deck. The Death card is about ending something so that one can begin something else. It is about changes, transitions and transformation. In the Chrysalis Tarot, we have an image of the Celtic Goddess Ariadne, who guards the gates of time. In her hand is a ball of yarn that she provides to all those who pass her. It is to be used to unwind on your way into the other dimension, or what some call the "afterlife." If you need to return to your former world, you will be able to retrace your steps and find your way back, safely. In relation to the querent, it appears that the obstacle that keeps her from finding true love is either her inability to trust herself and others, or that she tends to have what I like to call "tunnel vision" when she does involve herself with a man. Once in the relationship, all else becomes blurry and her focus is entirely on him and the relationship, forgetting who SHE IS along the way. A relationship is about "two" people, and it is important to remember this. Don't be that "disappearing woman." Stay true to yourself. Don't be so willing to give up everything just to be loved by someone else. - This may be easy for the querent to remember right now because she is currently single, once she is in a relationship - she forgets these things all too easily. I believe that the Universe or God if you will, is urging her to learn this lesson before getting involved again. You wouldn't go bungee jumping without knowing the string wasn't going to break would you?

Advice - Three of mirrors - This card is equivalent to the 3 of cups in a traditional Tarot deck. The 3 of cups is about having a sense of community, friendships, celebration and creativity. In the Chrysalis Tarot, we see an image of a lamb and a lion resting together. What a HUGE statement to have a lion anywhere near a lamb without eating it. LOL. The lion and the lamb symbolize self acceptance. We must discover and nurture within our own hearts before we are capable of extending compassion and love to others. The mirrors behind the two animals is making sure that they get a good look at their-selves every time they turn around. The mirrors won't give them the chance to forget who they truly are. This fits perfectly with the other cards. So the advice of the Tarot is for the querent to concentrate on herself instead of others right now, and to get to know who she is and what she truly wants out of life. It is only then that she will be able to find her true match. If she jumps into another relationship without taking this advice, she is bound to end up in another unhappy relationship.

Together the cards add up to 28, which in turn is 2+8 = 10. The number 10 in Tarot is The Wheel. The Wheel in the traditional Tarot deck represents life cycles, destiny and turning points. In the Chrysalis Tarot, the LWB says this card is reminding you that life resembles a game of chance. The wheel urges you to recall times in your life that may have been insignificant, but in hindsight reveal a path that eventually led you to some greater purpose. Learn from this memory and use it as you proceed forward with your life. It is then that you will have reached your turning point, and the right relationship for you will make its self known.

Blessed Be

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Courage Through Pain

Today is a revisit with my yearly reading that I did for myself back in January. If you would like to see the original post, you may do so HERE.  

For the month of May 2014, it read like this ...

May - I will be exposed to a truth, and this will allow me to accept things and move on. I am assuming that this has to do with the above person. We seem to have an on again, off again type relationship - so this will probably be more of the same. We do not live in the same state as each other, so I don't allow myself to get too close to him anyway. Contentment with career. Although there will be frustrations, I will remain optimistic. This months virtue is about fortitude (courage in pain and adversity).
Here is what actually happened...

The person whom I thought the reading would be about, it is not him. In fact, I thought the entire years worth of reading might be related to him in some way, but I am thankful that is not the case anymore. The relationship didn't end, but it is no longer an option either. We both left it at friendship, and I saw through the crap a couple of months ago.  

The truths that were exposed to me in May were that of two things. The first one, I had missed a friend that I had pushed out of my life, and realized just how much I still wanted him a part of my future. I am very thankful that he has a forgiving heart and has welcomed me back into his life gladly. :)

The other truth was that I have to let go of my friend who died six years ago. His spirit used to visit me frequently, but now it is less and less. I miss him terribly, and my heart still feels gashed open. I never got to say goodbye, as it was a freak accident, and the "could have beens" trouble me. It dawned on me after a conversation with my friend that I needed to probably let him go now, and let my memories be enough. In fact, it may be his time to reincarnate, and I may be keeping him here longer. This thought has bothered me a great deal, and I have had a few nightmares about the letting go process. In my near future, I will be having my own little ceremony to let him go. I don't want to hold him up any longer. Not an easy thing for me to do.  
If anything, in the month of May, I definitely learned to have courage through the pain, and over come adversities in my life.

So far this yearly reading has been a real eye opener, and very accurate. I will probably use it again next year.

Blessed Be

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Chrysalis Tarot - Relationship Reading 2

Today I am doing a relationship reading. I have taken ideas from various spreads used in the past, and put together my own for this particular reading. I feel that this will enable my querent to get the most out of the cards this way.

1. Is he/she potentially "the one" for the querent?  
2. Is commitment a possibility with this person?
3. Influences standing in the way of a relationship.
4. Influences acting in favor of a relationship.
5. Outcome of the relationship.

Question :
"Will this relationship progress forward? What seems to be keeping it stagnant?"

Just a little info about the client first. This makes readings WAY BETTER for a querent if they don't play what I call, "show me you are psychic." Too many people who come for readings are too worried about a card readers credentials and abilities. They try to make the reader guess everything & the truth of the matter is, this is only going to hurt you as the querent. Your reading will make way more sense to you than it does to your card reader. It is YOUR reading. If you give us a little bit to go off from, we can provide to you better details that will make more sense to you, thus giving you that "accurate reading" that we all hope for.

Anyhow - my querent has been in this "friendship" with a guy for well over a year now. They both admit that they have feelings of love for one another, but she is appearing to be much more smitten in the relationship than he is. There are hugs, and scheduled weekly meetings together, and even a kiss once in a while, but never any sexual innuendos. She wants more. So hopefully this reading can shed some light on her situation and she can figure out if he's worth sticking around for. :)

1. Is "he" potentially the "one?" - Ariadne (Death) - Traditionally, Death is that about transition, changes and endings. In this particular position, I see it as a "could be" kind of thing. I see it as if given a shove, and in the right direction - he could very well be the one. But is she "the one" for him? That I do not know.

The image in the Chrysalis Tarot is an image of the Celtic Goddess Ariadne standing between this world and the next. She holds in her hands a ball of string, and she offers it to each person who is passing through dimensions. It is a way for you to keep track of your path, so that if you get lost, you can follow the string back out of the entering world, and into the old world again. I think that this card is to represent that he is the one for her if she so chooses him to be, but we will see how the other cards relate to the relationship. I also see that she is perhaps a lifeline for him, and letting go of the line makes it feel dangerous to him.

2. Is commitment a possibility? - Storyteller - (Hermit) - Traditionally, The Hermit is a card that symbolizes being alone, and inverted - seeking your souls purpose. The Hermit goes within to find answers, and rarely looks for them elsewhere. He enjoys being alone with his thoughts.

In the Chrysalis Tarot, the image of the Storyteller is that of a woman who cradles in her hand an orb that symbolizes life examined. She wears a crown of ferns that assures friendship and sincerity. It is easy to confide in her and she wishes to eliminate any of your anxieties. But she is a shapeshifter, and will always have ties to other realms. So if I were to answer the question at hand, I feel that it is already a committed relationship, but not the way she longs for it to be.

3. Influences in the way? - Ace of spirals (Ace of wands) - Traditionally, the Ace of wands is all about potential, inspiration, creativity and power. Since asking about influences in the way, I will take a look at the negatives of this card, which are delays, lack of motivation and being weighed down. This makes a great deal of sense. While talking to the querent, she mentioned to me that they both have a weight issue that she feels may be involved. With this card making an appearance in this particular position, I would have to consider a weight issue one of the problems rearing its ugly head here. Another possible influence is having the right thing, at the wrong time - delays. I am quite sure that the querent will get a lot out of such a phrase, so I will leave it at that, and let the Gods whisper the rest to her.

In the Chrysalis Tarot, Ace of spirals is a picture of a ram. The peacock feather in the picture is a symbol for transformation. Seeds must be nourished physically as well as emotionally and spiritually. Again, making note that if these things were not in the way, things could progress forward.

4. Influences in favor. - 3 of Mirrors (3 of cups) - Traditionally the 3 of cups is a wonderful card and represents celebration and friendship. In the Chrysalis Tarot, the image is that of a lion and a lamb. Notice the lion is not making the lamb his dinner, but instead he sits quiet and peacefully with the lamb, both content where they are. So being that this card is in this particular position, I am happy to say that they both get a long very well socially, and feel a bit like family. As mentioned above, it is quite possible that she truly is viewed by him as a family member, someone very important to him - his lifeline.

5. Outcome - 7 of Mirrors (7 of cups) - Traditionally the 7 of cups is about fantasy, wishful thinking, illusion, imagination and choices to be made. In the Chrysalis Tarot, the image is that of a woman with long golden blonde hair who sits at a table weaving her quilt of destiny. She weaves day in and day out in her tower, all alone, surrounded by mirrors that she sees as windows, but forgets what they truly are. She is often confused, and tormented. When she appears in a reading, she is urging the querent to keep a firm grip on reality. It is important to know what is real and what is an illusion when making important decisions She urges the querent to weigh her options wisely. So being that this card is in the "outcome" position, I would say that she very well may be the one who is to make a final decision when it comes to this relationship. I do not think that it will ever be the way she wants for it to be, and it is up to her to decide if what he gives is enough for her to stay. She isn't miserable, and he is a wonderful man. It just may not be all that she wishes it to be. Only she can decide if she will take what she can get, or look elsewhere for the kind of relationship that she longs for.

Card totals 33 = 3+3 = 6. The Lovers. And there we have it. Most people think of love when they see this card, because it shows love on it. But in reality this card is all about BIG decisions. It also, I believe, for this particular reading represents harmony, and becoming clear about your values. So with that said, I would urge her to make an informed decision. Figure out what she can, and can't live without. Perhaps then, a new kind of happiness will fill her heart. Love doesn't always stay within the boundaries of what we think it should be. That is just a human perception, not necessarily a reality. :)

Blessed Be

Chrysalis Tarot - Relationship Reading

  Today I have decided to use a relationship spread found HERE.

The positions represent the following:

1. Querent's position in the relationship.
2. Querent's partner's position in the relationship.
3. Basis for the relationship - the past.
4. What lies between them right now - the present.
5. The future of the relationship.

The deck that I am using is the stunning new Chrysalis Tarot. The pictures are like ice-cream for the eyes. They make me want to gobble them up and absorb all the vibrant message in them. The symbolism is rich and I am in love with the colors used to represent each of the elements. Pure perfection for any witchy inspired mind. :)

The vibrant color filled picture to the right is my spread in the pattern above. I wanted to make sure that you could see the card backings because they are pure eye candy! I love blues and yellows. They are my favorite colors.

The Question today is : 
"What will my new relationship have in store for me within the next three months?"

At this point I will say that the relationship that is being asked about is purely online right now. It has been progressing nicely, but it's still very early yet. 

Card 1 : Querent's position in the relationship - 
Celtic Owl (The Hanged Man) - Traditionally, as The Hanged Man in this position, I would be seeing it as viewing things from a different perspective, and willingly doing so as a means of spiritual growth. Now is where I must tell you that six months ago, the querent started talking to this guy, but then she got afraid of how quickly the relationship was going, so she pushed him away. It wasn't until recently that she got a hold of him because she missed him, and reconciled. So this card, as The Hanged Man, is perfect to represent her. She has had a change of heart, and turned things around. Now she makes herself vulnerable and pursues him willingly.

However, being that this deck is a bit different than those of traditional Tarot cards, I must look at the picture in the card to gather more information about the Querent. The first thing that draws my attention is the little heart shaped design on the owl's head. This confirms to me that her intentions are pure and come from her heart. Also, being that the heart is on the owl's head, it tells me that she day dreams frequently about him, and wishes for things to work out between them. An open mind was needed by the Querent, and now she has it. :)

Card 2: Querent's partner's position in the relationship - The Phoenix (Judgment) - Traditionally, Judgment in this position, for me, would mean that one is finally able to fit all of life's puzzle pieces together. Everything makes sense, and one can be reborn and leave their past behind them. This is so fitting for the scenario between them. He has forgiven her for pushing him away. It stung him, and made him question himself. It takes a big person to just let go and forgive! 

The Phoenix in the picture is rising brilliant and beautifully from the ashes that burned him. Lessons have been learned. The colors on The Phoenix represent high energy & inspiration flowing in the Querent's life. Resolution has been reached, and a relationship restored. He seems to be ready to reap the rewards and trust in the relationship again. Very promising!

Card 3: The relationships past - 5 of spirals (5 of wands) - There has certainly been strife in the past, as we already know. There were disagreements and tension between them. The dragon in the picture, hurls conflicting energies of firey spirals deep into the crevasses of the unconscious mind. He appears confirming that however short the relationship had been before, it was a mental let down for the both of them. Perhaps the firey spirals lit up too much darkness, and the shadows had to be dealt with prior to moving forward together. We know this must be true, because we already know that the Querent herself pushed him away out of fear the first time. I do hope that the corners of her shadows have been cleaned out this time around. :)

Card 4 : The relationship right now - 9 of scrolls (9 of swords) - Traditionally, the 9 of swords in this position, for me, would represent a lot of sleepless nights, and anxiety. I do not get a bad feeling though. It is surrounded by cards that are quite favorable, so it just sorta feels like an expression of being, "love sick."

In the Chrysalis Tarot though, we have an image of an angelic messenger who appears to be exhausted and stopping to rest before moving forward. Perhaps she has been on a very long journey, and she stops to rest so that she can prepare herself for something better. She is taking responsibility for her own well being, and looking after herself with much needed rest. Knowing that this card is the 9 of swords, I must say that there is an abundance of anxiety in any new relationship, and I am sure a lot of sleepless nights too. And not necessarily a bad thing. A mental connection is certainly there. The scrolls on the ground may represent the messages that have been passed between them. What is endearing is the scroll that she still clings to while resting. She isn't willing to part with it. (aww, so sweet)

Card 5: The future of the relationship, in the next 3 months - 3 of mirrors (3 of cups) - Traditionally, the 3 of cups is 3 friends raising a glass in celebration, and when I see it I think of a harmonious connection between friends. There really isn't anything negative about this card in the upright position. 

In the Chrysalis Tarot, the 3 of mirrors is an image of a lion and a lamb laying together in a field of blue grass. Behind them is three mirrors, and by looking at the picture  it brings a sense of calmness. In real life, a lion wouldn't be fraternizing with a lamb - but eating it! But here, the lion is almost protecting the lamb and offering it compassion for being so little and cute. The LWB that comes with the deck says that when this card appears it bodes new romance and creative new ventures. So it looks like smooth sailing for the next three months. What a beautiful ending to a very informative reading. 

One last thing. If I add all the card numbers together, I get 49. 4+9 = 13. Card 13 in the deck is death. 

I do not see this as being a negative thing. I see it as being a transformation & a new beginning. 

In the Chrysalis Tarot deck, death is represented by Ariadne, a Celtic Goddess of the gates of time. She offers a spool of yarn to unwind as you proceed forward so that you can easily retrace your steps if you get lost. Not only does this card suggest that you are assisting a friend out of his or her own darkness, but also teaches us that if we take ownership for our own flaws, others are more likely to forgive us. This is exactly what had happened between the two in this relationship. <3

I am sure my Querent will be smiling from ear to ear today. :D

Blessed Be

Chrysalis Tarot - Day Two

I have been spending time with my new Chrysalis Tarot, and have to say that some of the cards are breathtaking. I am enjoying them immensely. They are a bit different than a traditional Tarot deck, and for that reason I will probably only be using them for personal reading until I get used to them. I am thinking that they will be of great use during meditations, and magickal work.

I really didn't have a question in mind when I drew a card today, so I just shuffled and asked, "What do I need to know about my day today?" I drew the sun. It's so pretty. I happily accepted it with a smile.

The image to the right is a picture of the sun card, but without the border. I was too lazy to upload my own image today, sorry. :)

When the sun card comes up in a reading, I automatically think of a successful conclusion, enlightenment, awareness, a sunny day and warmth.

All really nice things! I don't think you can go wrong drawing this card for anything.

The LWB that comes with this deck urges one to take a break from routine and get out into nature. It's very interesting that in the painting, the sun is shedding a tear. The LWB says that the sun is shedding a tear because it is sad that we live in such a materialistic world that we forget to enjoy the beauty of nature around us.

Inspiring really. I look forward to a happy Saturday with my kids, and possibly getting out a little to enjoy some sunshine.

Blessed Be

Friday, June 6, 2014

Chrysalis Tarot - Day One

Today I got my long awaited Chrysalis Tarot in the mail. I was so excited that I had to sit down and calm myself so that I didn't open the box too abruptly and damage the cards. Anyone ever done that before?

My first drawing was for a friend on facebook who asked:
"I just made a purchase offer on a house, can you tell me the outcome?"

I shuffled the cards, which I thought would be too thin and I'd mess up the edges, but they really are not. They are perfect and flexible without damaging them with a good shuffle. The card that came out was the 8 of spirals. Such a beautiful card, really. I have to say that I am very drawn to stags, so this is going to be one of my favorites.

My answer to her question was immediate, as I have been reading cards for many years now.

I feel that she will have a successful outcome and it will be a swift answer. It appears that her intuition and instincts to buy this house are worthy of her offer.

Now I will wait and see what she tells me happens. :)

If you would like to know more about the Chrysalis Tarot, you can read about it HERE. I will be using them quite a bit this week to get a feel for them.

So far so good.

Blessed Be.