Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Chrysalis Tarot - Day 3

Today I am using the Chrysalis Tarot.

The spread comes from Biddy Tarot.

It is a three card spread answering the following information:

Current Situation / Obstacle / Advice.

My sitter's question today is :
"Can you give me an overview of my love life?"

It seems that the querent has been trying out on-line dating and looking for a partner who actually doesn't lie, and matches well with her. Each date she goes on ends up worse than the one before, and it's taking its toll on her.

Her Current Situation - 7 of mirrors - This card is equivalent to the 7 of cups in a traditional Tarot deck. The 7 of cups is about fantasy, illusion, wishful thinking, choices and imagination. In the Chrysalis Tarot LWB, it says that a beautiful lady spends day in and day out in isolation in her tower chamber. For her, the reality of the outside world is trapped in seven mirrors. This leaves her confused and unsatisfied. The 7 of mirrors is about discernment, false reality and free will. This card reminds you to keep a firm grip on what is real. Now in relation to my querent, it appears that in her current situation she may be fantasizing about the "perfect" man, but maybe her standards are a little too high. It can also be that she is trying to hard to find a relationship, when she should concentrate a bit more on just being happy with herself and loving who she is. Being a single, independent woman is a good thing. If you can't be happy on your own, then being with someone else will not make you happy either.

Obstacle - Ariadne - This card is equivalent to the Death card in a traditional Tarot deck. The Death card is about ending something so that one can begin something else. It is about changes, transitions and transformation. In the Chrysalis Tarot, we have an image of the Celtic Goddess Ariadne, who guards the gates of time. In her hand is a ball of yarn that she provides to all those who pass her. It is to be used to unwind on your way into the other dimension, or what some call the "afterlife." If you need to return to your former world, you will be able to retrace your steps and find your way back, safely. In relation to the querent, it appears that the obstacle that keeps her from finding true love is either her inability to trust herself and others, or that she tends to have what I like to call "tunnel vision" when she does involve herself with a man. Once in the relationship, all else becomes blurry and her focus is entirely on him and the relationship, forgetting who SHE IS along the way. A relationship is about "two" people, and it is important to remember this. Don't be that "disappearing woman." Stay true to yourself. Don't be so willing to give up everything just to be loved by someone else. - This may be easy for the querent to remember right now because she is currently single, once she is in a relationship - she forgets these things all too easily. I believe that the Universe or God if you will, is urging her to learn this lesson before getting involved again. You wouldn't go bungee jumping without knowing the string wasn't going to break would you?

Advice - Three of mirrors - This card is equivalent to the 3 of cups in a traditional Tarot deck. The 3 of cups is about having a sense of community, friendships, celebration and creativity. In the Chrysalis Tarot, we see an image of a lamb and a lion resting together. What a HUGE statement to have a lion anywhere near a lamb without eating it. LOL. The lion and the lamb symbolize self acceptance. We must discover and nurture within our own hearts before we are capable of extending compassion and love to others. The mirrors behind the two animals is making sure that they get a good look at their-selves every time they turn around. The mirrors won't give them the chance to forget who they truly are. This fits perfectly with the other cards. So the advice of the Tarot is for the querent to concentrate on herself instead of others right now, and to get to know who she is and what she truly wants out of life. It is only then that she will be able to find her true match. If she jumps into another relationship without taking this advice, she is bound to end up in another unhappy relationship.

Together the cards add up to 28, which in turn is 2+8 = 10. The number 10 in Tarot is The Wheel. The Wheel in the traditional Tarot deck represents life cycles, destiny and turning points. In the Chrysalis Tarot, the LWB says this card is reminding you that life resembles a game of chance. The wheel urges you to recall times in your life that may have been insignificant, but in hindsight reveal a path that eventually led you to some greater purpose. Learn from this memory and use it as you proceed forward with your life. It is then that you will have reached your turning point, and the right relationship for you will make its self known.

Blessed Be

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