Thursday, June 12, 2014

Tater Salad Oracle Set - NEW!!

 Tater Salad Oracle Set 

2 decks in 1 - great deal!

I have put together a really neat little package. If you are a card reader, you will appreciate the effort that has been put into this set of oracle cards. 

It includes 22 Major Arcana Tarot Cards that I have named "Tater Salad Tarot." 
also ...

It includes 36 Unique Lenormand Cards plus a yes/no card for extras. This is named "Tater Salad Lenormand."

So what's with the name?                                                        
Well, I have to be honest. I really thought this name is catchy and fun. Each image was hand picked by me and used specifically to my own taste, kinda like when you make a potato salad!

The Lenormand cards have a silver color background that will not distract you if you are reading a GT. The images are minimal and left that way on purpose. These will make a great addition to any collection. 

As for the Major Arcana cards, those have a rusted, vintage feel to them. The images are very powerful and are easy to relate to a normal Tarot deck. The only image that I have changed the name of is the"Hierophant." Instead, this card is named the "Shaman" in this deck. 

Although there are two different decks here in this set, each card ties together nicely as they have the same backing to them. It is of a pinup girl and her picnic basket.

If you have never just used the Major Arcana for readings, have no worry because I will be sending you a link to a downloadable pdf file with a few spreads that only use these cards.

The cards themselves are poker size, and smooth to shuffle. They do not come with a box though - so you will want to find a bag to hold them in. They are shrink wrapped and sent directly from the printers. They are also very sturdy.

I hope you enjoy this "mod podge" of eclectic images. The size & the fact that they come in a set make it very convenient to take along with you in your pocket or purse! Two decks for the price of one!!

If you want to purchase this set you can do so by clicking <HERE>

Blessed Be

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