Saturday, June 7, 2014

Chrysalis Tarot - Relationship Reading

  Today I have decided to use a relationship spread found HERE.

The positions represent the following:

1. Querent's position in the relationship.
2. Querent's partner's position in the relationship.
3. Basis for the relationship - the past.
4. What lies between them right now - the present.
5. The future of the relationship.

The deck that I am using is the stunning new Chrysalis Tarot. The pictures are like ice-cream for the eyes. They make me want to gobble them up and absorb all the vibrant message in them. The symbolism is rich and I am in love with the colors used to represent each of the elements. Pure perfection for any witchy inspired mind. :)

The vibrant color filled picture to the right is my spread in the pattern above. I wanted to make sure that you could see the card backings because they are pure eye candy! I love blues and yellows. They are my favorite colors.

The Question today is : 
"What will my new relationship have in store for me within the next three months?"

At this point I will say that the relationship that is being asked about is purely online right now. It has been progressing nicely, but it's still very early yet. 

Card 1 : Querent's position in the relationship - 
Celtic Owl (The Hanged Man) - Traditionally, as The Hanged Man in this position, I would be seeing it as viewing things from a different perspective, and willingly doing so as a means of spiritual growth. Now is where I must tell you that six months ago, the querent started talking to this guy, but then she got afraid of how quickly the relationship was going, so she pushed him away. It wasn't until recently that she got a hold of him because she missed him, and reconciled. So this card, as The Hanged Man, is perfect to represent her. She has had a change of heart, and turned things around. Now she makes herself vulnerable and pursues him willingly.

However, being that this deck is a bit different than those of traditional Tarot cards, I must look at the picture in the card to gather more information about the Querent. The first thing that draws my attention is the little heart shaped design on the owl's head. This confirms to me that her intentions are pure and come from her heart. Also, being that the heart is on the owl's head, it tells me that she day dreams frequently about him, and wishes for things to work out between them. An open mind was needed by the Querent, and now she has it. :)

Card 2: Querent's partner's position in the relationship - The Phoenix (Judgment) - Traditionally, Judgment in this position, for me, would mean that one is finally able to fit all of life's puzzle pieces together. Everything makes sense, and one can be reborn and leave their past behind them. This is so fitting for the scenario between them. He has forgiven her for pushing him away. It stung him, and made him question himself. It takes a big person to just let go and forgive! 

The Phoenix in the picture is rising brilliant and beautifully from the ashes that burned him. Lessons have been learned. The colors on The Phoenix represent high energy & inspiration flowing in the Querent's life. Resolution has been reached, and a relationship restored. He seems to be ready to reap the rewards and trust in the relationship again. Very promising!

Card 3: The relationships past - 5 of spirals (5 of wands) - There has certainly been strife in the past, as we already know. There were disagreements and tension between them. The dragon in the picture, hurls conflicting energies of firey spirals deep into the crevasses of the unconscious mind. He appears confirming that however short the relationship had been before, it was a mental let down for the both of them. Perhaps the firey spirals lit up too much darkness, and the shadows had to be dealt with prior to moving forward together. We know this must be true, because we already know that the Querent herself pushed him away out of fear the first time. I do hope that the corners of her shadows have been cleaned out this time around. :)

Card 4 : The relationship right now - 9 of scrolls (9 of swords) - Traditionally, the 9 of swords in this position, for me, would represent a lot of sleepless nights, and anxiety. I do not get a bad feeling though. It is surrounded by cards that are quite favorable, so it just sorta feels like an expression of being, "love sick."

In the Chrysalis Tarot though, we have an image of an angelic messenger who appears to be exhausted and stopping to rest before moving forward. Perhaps she has been on a very long journey, and she stops to rest so that she can prepare herself for something better. She is taking responsibility for her own well being, and looking after herself with much needed rest. Knowing that this card is the 9 of swords, I must say that there is an abundance of anxiety in any new relationship, and I am sure a lot of sleepless nights too. And not necessarily a bad thing. A mental connection is certainly there. The scrolls on the ground may represent the messages that have been passed between them. What is endearing is the scroll that she still clings to while resting. She isn't willing to part with it. (aww, so sweet)

Card 5: The future of the relationship, in the next 3 months - 3 of mirrors (3 of cups) - Traditionally, the 3 of cups is 3 friends raising a glass in celebration, and when I see it I think of a harmonious connection between friends. There really isn't anything negative about this card in the upright position. 

In the Chrysalis Tarot, the 3 of mirrors is an image of a lion and a lamb laying together in a field of blue grass. Behind them is three mirrors, and by looking at the picture  it brings a sense of calmness. In real life, a lion wouldn't be fraternizing with a lamb - but eating it! But here, the lion is almost protecting the lamb and offering it compassion for being so little and cute. The LWB that comes with the deck says that when this card appears it bodes new romance and creative new ventures. So it looks like smooth sailing for the next three months. What a beautiful ending to a very informative reading. 

One last thing. If I add all the card numbers together, I get 49. 4+9 = 13. Card 13 in the deck is death. 

I do not see this as being a negative thing. I see it as being a transformation & a new beginning. 

In the Chrysalis Tarot deck, death is represented by Ariadne, a Celtic Goddess of the gates of time. She offers a spool of yarn to unwind as you proceed forward so that you can easily retrace your steps if you get lost. Not only does this card suggest that you are assisting a friend out of his or her own darkness, but also teaches us that if we take ownership for our own flaws, others are more likely to forgive us. This is exactly what had happened between the two in this relationship. <3

I am sure my Querent will be smiling from ear to ear today. :D

Blessed Be

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