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Chrysalis Tarot - Relationship Reading 2

Today I am doing a relationship reading. I have taken ideas from various spreads used in the past, and put together my own for this particular reading. I feel that this will enable my querent to get the most out of the cards this way.

1. Is he/she potentially "the one" for the querent?  
2. Is commitment a possibility with this person?
3. Influences standing in the way of a relationship.
4. Influences acting in favor of a relationship.
5. Outcome of the relationship.

Question :
"Will this relationship progress forward? What seems to be keeping it stagnant?"

Just a little info about the client first. This makes readings WAY BETTER for a querent if they don't play what I call, "show me you are psychic." Too many people who come for readings are too worried about a card readers credentials and abilities. They try to make the reader guess everything & the truth of the matter is, this is only going to hurt you as the querent. Your reading will make way more sense to you than it does to your card reader. It is YOUR reading. If you give us a little bit to go off from, we can provide to you better details that will make more sense to you, thus giving you that "accurate reading" that we all hope for.

Anyhow - my querent has been in this "friendship" with a guy for well over a year now. They both admit that they have feelings of love for one another, but she is appearing to be much more smitten in the relationship than he is. There are hugs, and scheduled weekly meetings together, and even a kiss once in a while, but never any sexual innuendos. She wants more. So hopefully this reading can shed some light on her situation and she can figure out if he's worth sticking around for. :)

1. Is "he" potentially the "one?" - Ariadne (Death) - Traditionally, Death is that about transition, changes and endings. In this particular position, I see it as a "could be" kind of thing. I see it as if given a shove, and in the right direction - he could very well be the one. But is she "the one" for him? That I do not know.

The image in the Chrysalis Tarot is an image of the Celtic Goddess Ariadne standing between this world and the next. She holds in her hands a ball of string, and she offers it to each person who is passing through dimensions. It is a way for you to keep track of your path, so that if you get lost, you can follow the string back out of the entering world, and into the old world again. I think that this card is to represent that he is the one for her if she so chooses him to be, but we will see how the other cards relate to the relationship. I also see that she is perhaps a lifeline for him, and letting go of the line makes it feel dangerous to him.

2. Is commitment a possibility? - Storyteller - (Hermit) - Traditionally, The Hermit is a card that symbolizes being alone, and inverted - seeking your souls purpose. The Hermit goes within to find answers, and rarely looks for them elsewhere. He enjoys being alone with his thoughts.

In the Chrysalis Tarot, the image of the Storyteller is that of a woman who cradles in her hand an orb that symbolizes life examined. She wears a crown of ferns that assures friendship and sincerity. It is easy to confide in her and she wishes to eliminate any of your anxieties. But she is a shapeshifter, and will always have ties to other realms. So if I were to answer the question at hand, I feel that it is already a committed relationship, but not the way she longs for it to be.

3. Influences in the way? - Ace of spirals (Ace of wands) - Traditionally, the Ace of wands is all about potential, inspiration, creativity and power. Since asking about influences in the way, I will take a look at the negatives of this card, which are delays, lack of motivation and being weighed down. This makes a great deal of sense. While talking to the querent, she mentioned to me that they both have a weight issue that she feels may be involved. With this card making an appearance in this particular position, I would have to consider a weight issue one of the problems rearing its ugly head here. Another possible influence is having the right thing, at the wrong time - delays. I am quite sure that the querent will get a lot out of such a phrase, so I will leave it at that, and let the Gods whisper the rest to her.

In the Chrysalis Tarot, Ace of spirals is a picture of a ram. The peacock feather in the picture is a symbol for transformation. Seeds must be nourished physically as well as emotionally and spiritually. Again, making note that if these things were not in the way, things could progress forward.

4. Influences in favor. - 3 of Mirrors (3 of cups) - Traditionally the 3 of cups is a wonderful card and represents celebration and friendship. In the Chrysalis Tarot, the image is that of a lion and a lamb. Notice the lion is not making the lamb his dinner, but instead he sits quiet and peacefully with the lamb, both content where they are. So being that this card is in this particular position, I am happy to say that they both get a long very well socially, and feel a bit like family. As mentioned above, it is quite possible that she truly is viewed by him as a family member, someone very important to him - his lifeline.

5. Outcome - 7 of Mirrors (7 of cups) - Traditionally the 7 of cups is about fantasy, wishful thinking, illusion, imagination and choices to be made. In the Chrysalis Tarot, the image is that of a woman with long golden blonde hair who sits at a table weaving her quilt of destiny. She weaves day in and day out in her tower, all alone, surrounded by mirrors that she sees as windows, but forgets what they truly are. She is often confused, and tormented. When she appears in a reading, she is urging the querent to keep a firm grip on reality. It is important to know what is real and what is an illusion when making important decisions She urges the querent to weigh her options wisely. So being that this card is in the "outcome" position, I would say that she very well may be the one who is to make a final decision when it comes to this relationship. I do not think that it will ever be the way she wants for it to be, and it is up to her to decide if what he gives is enough for her to stay. She isn't miserable, and he is a wonderful man. It just may not be all that she wishes it to be. Only she can decide if she will take what she can get, or look elsewhere for the kind of relationship that she longs for.

Card totals 33 = 3+3 = 6. The Lovers. And there we have it. Most people think of love when they see this card, because it shows love on it. But in reality this card is all about BIG decisions. It also, I believe, for this particular reading represents harmony, and becoming clear about your values. So with that said, I would urge her to make an informed decision. Figure out what she can, and can't live without. Perhaps then, a new kind of happiness will fill her heart. Love doesn't always stay within the boundaries of what we think it should be. That is just a human perception, not necessarily a reality. :)

Blessed Be

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