Friday, June 6, 2014

Chrysalis Tarot - Day One

Today I got my long awaited Chrysalis Tarot in the mail. I was so excited that I had to sit down and calm myself so that I didn't open the box too abruptly and damage the cards. Anyone ever done that before?

My first drawing was for a friend on facebook who asked:
"I just made a purchase offer on a house, can you tell me the outcome?"

I shuffled the cards, which I thought would be too thin and I'd mess up the edges, but they really are not. They are perfect and flexible without damaging them with a good shuffle. The card that came out was the 8 of spirals. Such a beautiful card, really. I have to say that I am very drawn to stags, so this is going to be one of my favorites.

My answer to her question was immediate, as I have been reading cards for many years now.

I feel that she will have a successful outcome and it will be a swift answer. It appears that her intuition and instincts to buy this house are worthy of her offer.

Now I will wait and see what she tells me happens. :)

If you would like to know more about the Chrysalis Tarot, you can read about it HERE. I will be using them quite a bit this week to get a feel for them.

So far so good.

Blessed Be.


  1. Bridgett, a wonderful first card to draw from Chrysalis. Our cards, like everything else in the universe, are fractals of something larger. You get your answer to a question on one level. On another level, the card brings a person meaning or message for the reader

    Since we know each other, and since we're both fun-loving, intuitive pagans, I picture this card as a scene on Samhain with a group of Celts, including us, gathered under the Harvest Moon at the edge of the Magical Forest. The shooting stars, in this tableau, are messages from our ancestors. Stag medicine connects us to the royal past. And so, with Bridgett's brand new Chrysalis Tarot deck, the curtain is now drawn.

  2. So you have bought it too. After a few hesitations I've ordered a copy too. I can;t wait to find it in the mail. In the meantime I will following how you work with it :)

  3. :) yes, couldn't resists. it's that fear that if i don't get one now, they will run out LOL!