Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Horsing Around Again

Bridgett's Tudor Lenormand
Here is my daily draw for the day, as I look out my window at the cloudy sky for the fourth day in a row. I miss sunshine!

Stork + Clouds + Rider

I stayed up late last night, so again today, I will pay the price with a lack of focus. (stork + clouds). It may also be due to a confusing message (clouds + rider). Sometimes when I get clouds with rider for a daily draw, it comes up as horsing around. This is probably true for me. I always end up doing things that I shouldn't be doing, instead of things that need to be done. Also (stork + rider) mirror one another and may mean a message about change.

This ought to be interesting. Enjoy your day everyone.

*update* I just got a message in my inbox telling me some news of changes made with a student loan, and it has caused me to feel a little uneasy. But it's not too bad.

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