Friday, June 10, 2016

A lot to read & study

Bridgett's Tudor Lenormand
Today I drew Whip + Book + Stars.

The whip is usually a representation of ARGUMENTS, discussions, separation, sports, physical activity, abuse. But it can also symbolize writing, and repetition.

The book is about SECRETS, education, knowledge, expertise, discoveries, studies, a book.

The stars about DREAMS, fame, encouragement, reputation, moving forward.

In combinations, the whip + book can be academic competition. But since my day has already happened, I can tell you that it had to do with a lot of research and reading.

Book + stars can mean enlightening information, or esoteric studies. I sometimes see this combination as reading online as well.

For me today, these cards were a prediction that I would spend a lot of time online today reading about something of interest to me. My interest just happens to be the art of reading playing cards. :)

Hope everyone had a wonderful day!

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