Thursday, June 9, 2016

A star is born

Bridgett's Tudor Lenormand
Today I drew Dog + Child + Stars.

The dog usually talks about a loyal friend / friendship. The child can be: either a child, or something new / small. And the stars are usually about dreams, encouragement, reputation and moving forward with clarity.

In combinations, the dog + child can mean a new dog, a child's dog, a new friendship, or the meaning that I will take from it today is being my child's friend.

The child + stars can mean several things as well. Either a new start goes well, a talented child, a child is popular.

Dog + Stars, a famous friend, or a very lucky friend.

Since this is a daily draw, I am going to make a prediction that my child will come home from school with a friend, or a bunch of them. This has been true for the last several days, and it makes me feel good that she is finally finding some loyal friends to pal around with. I also think that one of my children may confide in me about something, and I offer encouragement. I might even make a new friendship today, who knows.

Have a great day everyone.


  1. Hello Bridgett Blessings. Well met. I have followed a trail of breadcrumbs that have lead me to your blog. I see that your last post was 6/10, but something wouldn't let me reopen that entry to post a comment, so I am posting here. It actually is perfect in a way. Dog- loyalty or friendship, seems fitting as I come to you as a new friend. Child - what lead me here was the photo of the child in your header. Stars - you mention famous friend, and part of my trail has been researching a famous Victorian Opera Singer. So I come to you with the question, who is the girl in the photo next to the butterfly?

  2. Sorry that I have noticed your comment so late! I do not know who this lovely girl is. It is just a vintage photo found online that I find to be darling to look at. :) I am happy you found me.