Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Writing from the soul - My eyes

Future Visions by Chris Buzelli 
These eyes are no longer my own...

These eyes are no longer my own. I used to open them every morning and close them at night without seeing the colors of life. I could not distinguish between purples and pinks, or yellows and oranges. I was blind to so many things. I was born into a life of racism and hate. Anything that was not my idea, or my opinion was wrong. I had zero tolerance for anything different. I conformed to popular belief and lived my life in a robotic state of mind. Little did I know that I would someday look through different eyes.

These eyes are no longer my own. I now wake in the morning ready to embrace the day, and close my eyes at night ready to dream. I see the different shades in color, and my color palette expands on a regular basis. I am no longer blind, but fully awake. The life that I was born in has no hold on me, and I have gladly cut the strings. I can see both sides of any point of view and I no longer look for ways to fit in with those around me. When things do not please me, I speak out against them. I have less now to fear than I did before. Little did I know that I would love these eyes and gladly wear them as my own.

Blessed Be!

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