Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Relationship Overview Spread

Relationship Overview Spread

I have no idea if this spread has been used before, but I came up with it in my mind tonight when wishing to get a glimpse into a friends relationship.

I have concerns about my friend. Our communications have been interrupted, so I want to make sure my friend is doing Ok.

The cards are numbered 1 - 3 across the top,
1-3 across the bottom, and the two in the middle are 1 - 2.

Top Row represents HIS body, mind and spirit. Bottom Row represents HER body, mind and spirit. The two middle cards are the relationship over all.

Him -
1. Body: The High Priestess rx -Passion, conceit, lack of knowledge and loss of spirituality.
2. Mind: 5 of Pentacles - Loss, grief and lack of the tangibles in life.
3. Spirit: The Devil rx - Sleep, lethargy and lack of hope.

Her -
1. Body: 7 of Pentacles rx - Anxiety, failure and stress.
2. Mind: Justice rx - Complications, bigotry, imbalance and legal issues.
3. Spirit: 4 of Cups - Weariness, disgust and aversion.

Together -
Queen of Cups - Love, loving wife
10 of Cups rx - False heart, violence. and indignation.

Deck used is The New Palladini.

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