Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Daily Draw - The Gaian Tarot

I was very happy and surprised to find my new Gaian Tarot deck in the mail today :)

I wanted to give myself a reading with it since it is so lovely.

Three card spread:
What the Universe wants me to be / Personal qualities required / Action required to attain it

What the Universe wants me to be: Elder of Water - The Elder of water has great experience seeking out things in nature. He has a peaceful core, and can remain calm in turbulent situations. Others seek his presence. He listens well, and spreads kindness to those who are around him. I take this as the Universe wants me to be of service to others. An ear for those who need to be heard, and a heart for those who need to feel warmth and compassion. I feel that I am really starting to come to this role on my own, which makes me feel awesome that I am on the right path for me. :)

Personal qualities required: The Sun - I take this as a card that is telling me that I need to get out in the sun and enjoy life more. I have been closed away too long, worrying about what other people think of me. I need to get out in order to restore my health and well being. When I bring joy into my life, I can properly do the same for others.

Actions required: The Emperor - This card tells me that I need to make decisions based on my logic instead of my emotions from now on. I definitely have been guilty of letting my emotions sway me in the past. It also tells me that I should polish my skills as a leader now so that I can be secure enough with myself to benefit others.

This all makes great sense to me. These cards are great. I am going to thoroughly enjoy using them. I look forward to learning more about them, one card at a time.

Blessed Be!

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