Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Writing from the Soul - Death

Death - Tarot Card by jasonbeam on deviantART
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This is my first go round, but I thought it would be interesting and enjoyable.

You say it is dark, I say ....

You say it is dark, I say that it is transforming. I see the end of a life that has brought you happiness and tears. A time when the spirit is reborn and able to choose a new identity. A time when you can fully be who you truly are at last, but without a body to hold you in one place. A time to sore high, and meet those who have departed from you long ago. A chance to laugh and dance in spirit, and to love one another without end. I see past hurts and pain coming to a closure, and almost non existent. Colors will no longer look the same, but more vibrant and true. Rainbows will no longer be out of reach. Although in a different realm, you will be one with your creator again. You will no longer have to board an airplane to fly like a bird, or sit on the tops of trees. You will see for miles and miles without relying on divination tools to help you see pieces and parts. It will be your turn to start over and be reborn into a new life of your choosing, and having the opportunity to right all your wrongs and experience new things that you have not experienced before. This will be your chance to have thought provoking conversations with your spirit guides in order to plan the new life that will come into being. Death is not darkness, but the light that so many forget to notice. It is magickal and wondrous, and your chance to be totally free of any worries. It is life.

(I am not sure I made it to ten minutes of non critical writing, but I am happy with it.)

Blessed Be!


  1. This is a wonderful way to write. I do this often. And it is okay to stop when you are done. Sometimes you know it is time to stop even when the clock is still ticking :)