Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Writing from the Soul - Return to the River

Writing from the Soul

I return to the river where I first found tranquility. It's more like a creek really, but has the personality of something much bigger.

The water rushed by my feet, as I stripped them naked, and cooled them in it's sparkling paradise. Alone with my thoughts, and able to let them trickle through my mind as they would, one by one. Eventually my mind was clear as I let each one have it's glory and then fade away. The air whispered songs from my ancestors, and I listened with an open heart trying to learn from them. Frogs near by croaked and looked for their mate. Deer trampled in the weeds where I could not see them, and they could not see me. Beavers continued about, nawing on wood and building  a bridge. Bees jumped from flower to flower attracted by their beauty and scent. There in the woods by my father's home, I started to see all the wonderful things that city life did not offer to me. There I could breath and live for each moment. I could rid myself of the hussle and bussle, and see things more clearly. I will forever remember the smells in the air, and the peace that came over me. When I emerged from the woods, and back to the road, I felt whole again. In those woods, I will return to the river when I need to feel my spirit be lifted. It is now my sacred place where all things harmonious surround me and let me feel their love. A place where I can smile to the Gods and they smile back.

Blessed Be

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Daily Draw - Make noise little bird!

Today I have a question from a client who asks how she can best get her business off the ground. I am using The Tarot of Sidhe, and a 4 aces spread from Mary Greer's Blog.

To my surprise I was able to fill all positions in the spread. The aces were that far apart from one another in the shuffle! A lot of reading. :)

The four aces in this reading are going to represent:

Wands - Work
Cups - Relationships
Swords - Problem solving
Coins - Money

The Order: The order in which each ace turns up is very important:
  1. 1st Ace: The Main Character. The primary focus of your attention and energies right now.
  2. 2nd Ace: The Complication. An area you have not been paying as much attention to but can interfere with what’s going on in the first row.
  3. 3rd Ace: The Sidekick/Guide. A secondary focus or emphasis. It may help you resolve tensions between 1 and 2, or suggest helpful actions.
    4. 4th Ace: The Upstart. Something new or “renewed” that will be assuming more importance, possibly as a result of your interactions in the other three areas.

The Reading:

Row One - My client is feeling a bit at odds right now ( Dancer King). She has this wonderful holistic healing business that she is passionate about (Dancer Queen), but does not bring her what she needs to live a more stable life (Dancer Prince). It's like she went from being on top of the world with excitement, and now finds herself feeling like a tucked away jewel. We see this in the decline in court positions. The cards go from King --> Queen --> and then Prince.

Row Two - I see that she is very much wrapped up in her situation that it has become a daunting task to her (The World). No matter what she does to bring in clients, it doesn't seem to help. She can better evolve herself and her business (Judgement) if she would concentrate more on her spiritual happiness (The Sun). Happy people attract other happy people.She should keep her focus on eating right, getting the correct amount of sleep & really taking care of herself. All business's go through a rough spell, and this is a test of her character. She needs to remember to shine! With The World card coming into this row I can't help but tell her that the world is so much bigger than we can mentally imagine. Don't be afraid to spread your wings & fly. Rare birds are beautiful, but hardly ever seen. After a long winter, how does one know that spring is here? One sure sign is hearing the birds chirping! Make noise, lovely bird. Make yourself seen and heard. :)

Row Three - Magical things will happen (Warrior King) when she can bask in her confidence (Warrior Queen). The Warrior Prince tells her to take more of an active approach to her business, and to show others how excited she is about it. A winter fire stays strong and warms the house when more wood is put on it. The Prince wants her to remember her excitement for what she does and use it to inspire others. It's all about bring attention to herself, and networking. Showing people what she does, and the benefits of her craft, will make them into a believer.  

Row Four - The cards tell that when she decides to take on her leadership role (Dreamer King) and muddle through some harsh truths (Dreamer Queen) than she will discover some more inspiring ways to reach out to others and bring her business into a better financial state (Dreamer Prince). She should always remember who her audience is, and where they can be found. Where ever they are, go there!

What I find most interesting about this reading is that I shuffled the cards a great deal, yet the court cards stuck together and decided that they needed to be heard! Very inspiring. Perhaps there are others around my client that will be of great assistance to her. Maybe even a partnership with someone can make the business that much more marketable.

Blessed Be.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Daily Draw - reading for client

Reading for a client. No names mentioned, of course. :D

Question : I want to know about my near future. Will there possibly be a new career? Do you see a move coming into play for me? Anything else?

The spread is from AT courtesy of Francesca.
Seven Sisters Spread


1. Self 2. What is close to you 3. Dreams and wishes (or Hopes & Fears) 4. What you expect 5. What you don't expect 6. Possibilities 2-3 months 7. Possibilities 6 months.

1. Self - Maker 7 - Effort sustained.

She has all she can do to keep her composure a lot of the time.  She keeps holding on and waiting for things to get better for her. She has great patience and more heart than most.

2. Close to her - Warrior 10 - The great task.

Many sacrifices have been made, and some have been quite recent; recent enough to still remain her mental focus. I think often times she feels alone in her struggle and forgets that she can reach out for help.

3. Dreams - Dreamer 4 - Restoration.

Despite her best efforts, many times she feels like something is missing from her life, and she longs to fill that void. Perhaps her life feels so stagnant that she contemplates moving some place new and starting fresh. She wants to restore faith in herself as well as her relationships with others.

4. Expectations - Warrior Princess - Courage.

She expects that if she keeps showing courage, and putting one foot in front of the other she will find her free spirit again. She never loses hope. This is a good thing because if one loses hope life can feel pretty dark!

5. Non-expectations - Warrior 4 - Foundations blessed.

She is not petty or too ambitious with her relationship. She doesn't expect marriage. This card being in this position makes me think that she might not even expect that her current relationship will actually work out. I think it bothers her, but with the above cards, it doesn't bother her enough to rob her of the joy that she is working toward. She has a very strong core, and is willing to go it alone if need be.

6. (2-3 months) - The Hermit.

I think that she will spend a great deal of the next three months researching her options, and listening to her inner spirit. I think this is going to be her "turning point" in her life, and it will be a very positive experience. Something that she really needs.

7. (6 months) - Justice.

Within the next six months, she will be coming into some "truths" that she will have to muddle through. It won't be easy, and it is just a necessary step in her path. I think that these truths will bring her into some much needed adjustments in her life. I dare say that she will probably decide that a move for her is in her best interest, and throw caution to the wind - go for it. In the long run this will bring to her all the things that she seeks, and lead her into a much more fulfilling life.

Blessed Be

Daily Draw - New Relationship Spread

Today I am using the Tarot of Sidhe, a favorite. The messages are always wonderful & exact.

This person that I am reading for is entering into a new relationship. She wants to know how it will evolve.

The spread that I am using is from HERE. It answers the following questions:
1. What is she bringing to the relationship?
2. What is new partner bring to the relationship?
3. Will she, the querent be happy in the relationship?
4. Will he, the partner be happy in the relationship?
5. Will the relationship last?

(if I type "relationSIP" one more time .... lol ;) )

Position 1 - Strength
Position 2 - Wheel
Position 3 - Hermit
Position 4 - Justice
Position 5 - Lovers

She brings with her healing possibilities for herself as well as for her new partner. She has a confident way about herself that will compliment the parts of him that are not so confident. She is very loyal and by being so - she will bring back his faith in relationships. She brings with her consistency and gentle courage, and in a way that is not too pushy.

He brings forth a soft place to land. He has a nature about him that calms people. He is positive in most things, and can bring to her stability and an easiness that will feel like a blessing. The flow of the relationship will come as a tranquil surprise.

I think the querent will be happy in this relationship if she allows herself to join into it fully. I think that she has been out of the dating game for quite a while now, and she is still contemplating this relationship. If she trusts her inner self, she will find peace with him.

I think he will learn self control in this relationship. The connection that the two of them share already seems to balance him, and leaves him wanting more. He will learn to both give, and take. He may not always be excited about that, but it will bring harmony to him. With harmony is happiness.

Through the power of this union, I see a strong lasting relationship. :)

Blessed Be

A favorite course in Tarot

This is a wonderful, and FREE Tarot course available in video format on youtube. If you follow each link after this one, you will walk away a better card reader - without a doubt.

I have been reading cards for many MANY years, but this never gets old. I love listening to him talk. :) Especially about a favorite subject.

Blessed Be

Friday, May 2, 2014

Lessons to Learn - this year

What is the lesson that you are suppose to learn this year? Ever wonder?

Using the Major Arcana cards, you can discover this simply by adding together the day and month of your birth to the year you want to know about. For example, say your birthday is the 14th August. We would have 14, plus 8 (August) plus 2012.

1+4+8+2+0+1+2 = 18.

Always reduce the number until you have one that is 22 or below.

In this case card 18 in the Tarot is the Moon. You can then read about this card for insights into what may happen in the coming year as well as adding your own impressions. You can then refer back to it as the year unfolds to see how accurate it has been and if you learned the lesson that it wanted to teach you.

Blessed Be

Differences between Wiccan & Ásatrú

The differences between Wicca & Ásatrú, fully researched and put into a free pdf file.

Click Here

Blessed Be

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Beltane 2014 - Blog Hop

Blessed Beltane!

As a Pagan I celebrate Beltane on May 1st. It is the supposed halfway between the spring equinox and the summer solstice. Beltane has been widely observed throughout the world, and historically it has been mentioned in some of the earliest Irish literature. As a writer and history buff, I find this completely fascinating.

This is a holiday of Union--both between the Goddess and the God and between man and woman. Handfastings (Pagan marriages) are traditional at this time. It is a time of fertility and harvest, the time for reaping the wealth from the seeds that we have sown.

With that said, I will wish you all a wonderful summer, and hope that I have found something of amusement to ramble on about before you leave. :)

In the realm of Tarot, The Lovers card is used often to represent Beltane. Two people in love, sharing their devotion to one another, and celebrating life together in all it's moments of glory. The two people in this card love one another, and you can feel their sense of passion just by looking at them.

But what is it truly like to be in love? What exactly brings people together?

Being in love can be marvelous, and even delightful. But if you look a little closer, you come to see opposites who always find each other and fall hopelessly in lust, at least for a little while.

When I think about all the books that I have read in my lifetime, or all the stories that I have heard, the ones that stick out and create memories are that whose history is full of tragedy.

Most people might think of Romeo and Juliet, but I think of Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn. If ever there were two ends of a thread brought together by their own oppositions, it would be these two captivating souls.

A study conducted by the University of Iowa in 2005, states that similarity in personality is important to most people, but when seeking a mate, they look for their opposite. When asked why, they simply say because they don't want to be "bored" by choosing someone too similar to themselves.

Although it is a great primitive instinct that draws us to attract people opposite ourselves, studies show that these types of relationships usually do not work out in our best interest, often ending prematurely.

Case in point - Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn.

Henry VIII being the king of England, took it upon himself to divorce his first wife and marry his courageous opposite.

Anne was not a typical woman of her time, and not the sort a king would recognize as being yielding and loyal to his names sake. Instead she was persistent, and headstrong - all the attributes that woman should not be during that time.

She did not just sit back and please her king with all of his hearts desires, but she willed him to also do the same for her and demanded him to be loyal to her.

She even spoke out against political and religious issues, instead of taking her place as his pretty little jewel. How dare her? 

After a very short lived marriage, and Anne's failure to produce Henry with a son, he began to see all of her faults.

He came to the realization that instead of gaining international credibility, his obsession with Anne made him a laughingstock and alienated his allies. His paranoia got the better of him, and he looked for other women to stroke his ego and bare him a son.

Anne was trumpt up with charges that she didn't commit, and executed with a sword, leaving him free to marry again. What a nice guy.

Despite their oppositions, they did produce a harmonious whole during their short marriage - her name was Elizabeth, and even though she was not the son that Henry had so desperately thought he needed, she became a glorious Tudor queen for nearly forty-six years following the death of her half brother and half sister. Take that Henry! ;)

I often like to imagine Anne Boleyn smiling from her spirits resting place.


So there we have it. When The Lovers card appears in a reading - it doesn't always represent its clear cut meaning. It can be an array of different possibilities and warnings. Take heed to the cards that surface around it, for they too have a story to tell.

Blessed Be