Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Daily Draw - Make noise little bird!

Today I have a question from a client who asks how she can best get her business off the ground. I am using The Tarot of Sidhe, and a 4 aces spread from Mary Greer's Blog.

To my surprise I was able to fill all positions in the spread. The aces were that far apart from one another in the shuffle! A lot of reading. :)

The four aces in this reading are going to represent:

Wands - Work
Cups - Relationships
Swords - Problem solving
Coins - Money

The Order: The order in which each ace turns up is very important:
  1. 1st Ace: The Main Character. The primary focus of your attention and energies right now.
  2. 2nd Ace: The Complication. An area you have not been paying as much attention to but can interfere with what’s going on in the first row.
  3. 3rd Ace: The Sidekick/Guide. A secondary focus or emphasis. It may help you resolve tensions between 1 and 2, or suggest helpful actions.
    4. 4th Ace: The Upstart. Something new or “renewed” that will be assuming more importance, possibly as a result of your interactions in the other three areas.

The Reading:

Row One - My client is feeling a bit at odds right now ( Dancer King). She has this wonderful holistic healing business that she is passionate about (Dancer Queen), but does not bring her what she needs to live a more stable life (Dancer Prince). It's like she went from being on top of the world with excitement, and now finds herself feeling like a tucked away jewel. We see this in the decline in court positions. The cards go from King --> Queen --> and then Prince.

Row Two - I see that she is very much wrapped up in her situation that it has become a daunting task to her (The World). No matter what she does to bring in clients, it doesn't seem to help. She can better evolve herself and her business (Judgement) if she would concentrate more on her spiritual happiness (The Sun). Happy people attract other happy people.She should keep her focus on eating right, getting the correct amount of sleep & really taking care of herself. All business's go through a rough spell, and this is a test of her character. She needs to remember to shine! With The World card coming into this row I can't help but tell her that the world is so much bigger than we can mentally imagine. Don't be afraid to spread your wings & fly. Rare birds are beautiful, but hardly ever seen. After a long winter, how does one know that spring is here? One sure sign is hearing the birds chirping! Make noise, lovely bird. Make yourself seen and heard. :)

Row Three - Magical things will happen (Warrior King) when she can bask in her confidence (Warrior Queen). The Warrior Prince tells her to take more of an active approach to her business, and to show others how excited she is about it. A winter fire stays strong and warms the house when more wood is put on it. The Prince wants her to remember her excitement for what she does and use it to inspire others. It's all about bring attention to herself, and networking. Showing people what she does, and the benefits of her craft, will make them into a believer.  

Row Four - The cards tell that when she decides to take on her leadership role (Dreamer King) and muddle through some harsh truths (Dreamer Queen) than she will discover some more inspiring ways to reach out to others and bring her business into a better financial state (Dreamer Prince). She should always remember who her audience is, and where they can be found. Where ever they are, go there!

What I find most interesting about this reading is that I shuffled the cards a great deal, yet the court cards stuck together and decided that they needed to be heard! Very inspiring. Perhaps there are others around my client that will be of great assistance to her. Maybe even a partnership with someone can make the business that much more marketable.

Blessed Be.

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