Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Daily Draw - New Relationship Spread

Today I am using the Tarot of Sidhe, a favorite. The messages are always wonderful & exact.

This person that I am reading for is entering into a new relationship. She wants to know how it will evolve.

The spread that I am using is from HERE. It answers the following questions:
1. What is she bringing to the relationship?
2. What is new partner bring to the relationship?
3. Will she, the querent be happy in the relationship?
4. Will he, the partner be happy in the relationship?
5. Will the relationship last?

(if I type "relationSIP" one more time .... lol ;) )

Position 1 - Strength
Position 2 - Wheel
Position 3 - Hermit
Position 4 - Justice
Position 5 - Lovers

She brings with her healing possibilities for herself as well as for her new partner. She has a confident way about herself that will compliment the parts of him that are not so confident. She is very loyal and by being so - she will bring back his faith in relationships. She brings with her consistency and gentle courage, and in a way that is not too pushy.

He brings forth a soft place to land. He has a nature about him that calms people. He is positive in most things, and can bring to her stability and an easiness that will feel like a blessing. The flow of the relationship will come as a tranquil surprise.

I think the querent will be happy in this relationship if she allows herself to join into it fully. I think that she has been out of the dating game for quite a while now, and she is still contemplating this relationship. If she trusts her inner self, she will find peace with him.

I think he will learn self control in this relationship. The connection that the two of them share already seems to balance him, and leaves him wanting more. He will learn to both give, and take. He may not always be excited about that, but it will bring harmony to him. With harmony is happiness.

Through the power of this union, I see a strong lasting relationship. :)

Blessed Be

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