Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Daily Draw - reading for client

Reading for a client. No names mentioned, of course. :D

Question : I want to know about my near future. Will there possibly be a new career? Do you see a move coming into play for me? Anything else?

The spread is from AT courtesy of Francesca.
Seven Sisters Spread


1. Self 2. What is close to you 3. Dreams and wishes (or Hopes & Fears) 4. What you expect 5. What you don't expect 6. Possibilities 2-3 months 7. Possibilities 6 months.

1. Self - Maker 7 - Effort sustained.

She has all she can do to keep her composure a lot of the time.  She keeps holding on and waiting for things to get better for her. She has great patience and more heart than most.

2. Close to her - Warrior 10 - The great task.

Many sacrifices have been made, and some have been quite recent; recent enough to still remain her mental focus. I think often times she feels alone in her struggle and forgets that she can reach out for help.

3. Dreams - Dreamer 4 - Restoration.

Despite her best efforts, many times she feels like something is missing from her life, and she longs to fill that void. Perhaps her life feels so stagnant that she contemplates moving some place new and starting fresh. She wants to restore faith in herself as well as her relationships with others.

4. Expectations - Warrior Princess - Courage.

She expects that if she keeps showing courage, and putting one foot in front of the other she will find her free spirit again. She never loses hope. This is a good thing because if one loses hope life can feel pretty dark!

5. Non-expectations - Warrior 4 - Foundations blessed.

She is not petty or too ambitious with her relationship. She doesn't expect marriage. This card being in this position makes me think that she might not even expect that her current relationship will actually work out. I think it bothers her, but with the above cards, it doesn't bother her enough to rob her of the joy that she is working toward. She has a very strong core, and is willing to go it alone if need be.

6. (2-3 months) - The Hermit.

I think that she will spend a great deal of the next three months researching her options, and listening to her inner spirit. I think this is going to be her "turning point" in her life, and it will be a very positive experience. Something that she really needs.

7. (6 months) - Justice.

Within the next six months, she will be coming into some "truths" that she will have to muddle through. It won't be easy, and it is just a necessary step in her path. I think that these truths will bring her into some much needed adjustments in her life. I dare say that she will probably decide that a move for her is in her best interest, and throw caution to the wind - go for it. In the long run this will bring to her all the things that she seeks, and lead her into a much more fulfilling life.

Blessed Be

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