Monday, August 24, 2015

Square of Nine - Lenormand Reading

Carta Mundi Lenormand 
Here is a reading today, posted with permission, excluding names etc.

A female client has begun a new relationship with a man. Things are moving along really fast, and she is feeling pretty good about it. They currently live together, and she wants to know how things will go between them in the coming weeks / months.

I did charge the man and woman in the deck to represent themselves. I added them into the whole deck, shuffled, cut the deck and then drew out nine cards after the deck was reassembled, letting the cards fall naturally at will.

Looking at the four corners first, we have Dog+Tower and Child + Man.

Read together we get a single friend / romantic interest (dog+tower) looking for a new start (child+man). He could be seen as immature (child+man), I say this rather than a young man, because the tower represents someone older in age to me, and we would have one card saying older, and one saying younger and that wouldn't work for this reading because we are talking about one man -- he can't be both younger and older than this woman!

The center card is the Snake, which tells what the focus will be between the couple in the coming weeks / months. I am guessing weeks though because with my experience, Lenormand cards tend to unfold quicker rather than slower. Sometimes cards are already manifesting as the cards are laid out. No lie. That is one of the things that intrigues me most about this wonderful deck of cards.

Anyhow, the Snake is about complications, troubles and detours. It can also be another woman since I charged the actual woman in the deck to represent my client, I know that this is not her. So what the snake is telling me here is that this couple is going to have some complications in the coming days.

Card one - the Dog, is the reason why the question is being asked in the first place. She wants a loyal romantic partner, and things seem to be good right now, so she would like to see them continue in this way. Who wouldn't? :)

I then examine the diamond around the central card. We have here: Fox + Sun, and Mice + Crossroads. These combinations will tell the dynamics of their troubles and anything hidden that will have an influence on the days to come.

I see that things may be going along so smoothly that it will become too good to be true. (fox+sun). Perhaps he is putting on a front for her? This is usually the case in the beginning of a relationship, but not usually with the intent to cause mischief, which the fox card represents here.

This is going to cause some stress or loss (mice). I am seeing that there will be some worrisome choices, a choice that results in loss, or some uncertainty in their future. (mice+crossroads).

Row one across: Dog + Fox + Child - a false start with a friend or romantic partner.

Row two across: Sun + Snake + Mice - success brings both problems and loss.

Row three across - Man + Crossroads + Tower - although this can be read in a few different ways, I am getting the sense here that this man will stand tall and walk away. He isn't stable (man+crossroads) and will make a decision to be alone (crossroads+tower).

The arrows are Dog + Crossroads + Child and Man + Fox + Tower.
The friend / new romantic partner will make a choice immaturely. I say immaturely because the child is next to the fox card, so I see it in a negative light. (dog+crossroads+child).
The man (man) has old secrets (fox, tower).

Additional info can be seen in knighting. Here I am noticing that the Man knights both the Fox, and the Mice. Together these cards say to me that the man can be dishonest and that he probably doesn't have any money.

Also continuing to knight, the Dog knights both the Mice and the Crossroads, which say to me that two friends part ways.

In summary: I believe in the days to come this woman will find out things about this man that she doesn't like, and it will cause issues between them, and eventually a parting of ways.

I did this reading in a way that others could see exactly my thinking, in hopes that if anyone has trouble reading a square of nine, this may help. I never put "fluffy stuff" in a reading if it isn't there, and I try to use words that will help rather than hurt.  Have a blessed week ahead!

Blessed Be.

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Rune Cards - Yay!

Sorry for so much card pimping but I had to show you because I am so proud of how they turned out.

I got my Rune Stone Oracle Cards back from the printers, and they look beautiful. They are bridge size, so they fit right in my purse and are a lot less heavy than the stone sets. I was nervous, but now I am elated. I hope others like them as much as I do.

I am going to include a pdf file with the card meanings since some of us have less than perfect eye sight, and won't be able to read the definitions from the cards themselves. If you want to know more, you can visit my etsy store. HERE.

Doing the happy dance.

Blessed Be.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Thisbe's Nemesis Oracle - The Creation Process

Thisbe's Nemesis Oracle 

One of my favorite love stories of all time is the story of Pyramus and Thisbe.

As told by the Ovid, This story is similar to Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet.

It takes place in ancient Babylon, where these two children grew up in a one-room house that was connected to the other. Over the years, they fell in love with each other, but could only talk through a hole in their wall because their parents refused them to see each other.

Finally, Pyramus got fed up with his parents and so did Thisbe. They decided to run off one night and elope. Pyramus gave Thisbe the location of the place they would meet, and they agreed.

Thisbe was the first to arrive at the first Mulberry bush outside of the city, but as she was waiting, a lioness walked by with her jaws covered in blood from a previous kill that day. Thisbe, frightened at her sight, ran non-stop to the nearest cave. Soon after, Pyramus walked by and saw a cloak, his love gift to her, covered in blood and torn to pieces with the footprints of the lioness left behind. He immediately thought that his only love had been killed by a hungry lion, and unsheathed his sword (her love gift to him), letting the cold, hard steel pierce his broken heart. Thisbe, bringing courage to her heart, ran back and found her only love lying on the ground next to the blood-covered Mulberry bush with his sword impaling his chest.

She gasped in horror as she asked the still breathing Pyramus what happened. Barely able to stay awake, he told her what happened and she cried in sorrow. She took Pyramus' blood-stained sword and asked him to wait for her while she brought the blade into her own soft flesh. Thus they died together, in love and peace.

This is why the berries on the Mulberry bush are red, instead of their original white, in commemoration of the two young lovers and their great sacrifice.

Thisbe's nemesis was that she couldn't foretell her future. Had she been able to look into her future, she may have been able to change her fate, and have lived happily ever after.

This story is the inspiration for this new oracle deck that I have created. I used Pre-Raphaelite style paintings done by one of my favorite artists of all time; John William Waterhouse. His works have been used in other decks that I admire, so I thought I would try my hand at creating with them too. There may be a few images by other artists of the same era mixed in as well, if I liked them. They will be available with black borders & numbered or without borders & without numbers.

The cards above, when put together in a story (no question asked), they show a young woman who is saving herself for marriage, and is curious when her boyfriend might propose. :)

The cards that have numbers, I gave numbers simply to be able to add an extra layer of depth to a reading. If three cards are not enough to answer a question, you can add the numbers on them together, and find the card associated with that number for further information.

The cards above do not have borders, and are not numbered.

I have given names to the cards that either fit visually with the painting, or ones that go along with the story of the painting. There will be 54 cards total to a deck, and printed on very lovely linen stock, poker size; which is 2.5" wide  x 3.5" high. There will be an option to purchase a little zipped bag to match the cards & store them safely. As of right now, I have to wait on a test print of the cards to see if all is well before offering them to the public.

I have also been working on a rune card deck that will be available also, but I am not sure of the details just yet. They will come with black borders and extra cards with definitions of the runes in both upright, and reversed positions. Here is a small sample of what they look like without the words on them. I am adding the rune "title" to each card so that you will know when one is in reversed position or not during reading.

They would be read as:
Question: Will I get the new job?
Rune one: good fortune and advancement in career.
Rune two: good counsel from a respected person.
Rune three: a lot of positive energy.
Rune four: beware of some delays, and take precautions not to get sick because you don't want to miss too many days on the new job!

So, this is why I haven't been blogging much; I've been creating some new cards. It keeps me busy and out of the refrigerator. I am trying to drop some weight. Plus I have made the pact to myself not to sign onto facebook or other social media until I have exercised daily. ;)

Blessed Be.

The Therapeutic Shopper

Wings of Change Lenormand - top row
Today I drew from two different Lenormand decks. The first row is the Wings of Change Lenormand by Chloe McCracken. The second row is the Carta Mundi Lenormand.

The question: Why did she purchase the item from me?

Line one : Clouds + Anchor + Garden + Key + Lily.

Clouds - trouble, doubt, confusion, uncertainty.
Anchor - hope, stability, job, attachments, faithfulness, steadfast.
Garden - public, community, network, entertainment.
Key - access, opportunity, solution, important, certainty.
Lily - family, virtue, elder, healing, pure.

It looks like she may have had some uncertainty whether or not she liked the item at first (clouds). Perhaps she looked at it several times and had an attachment to it (anchor).
The item is located online, so it is easily accessible to her (garden).
She saw an opportunity to get it (key).
So she did get it, without any deceptive motive (lily).

Mirroring cards - she could be using the item for success at work, or perhaps it was on her wish list already and she finally had the opportunity to get it (anchor, key). Maybe she had nothing better to do (clouds, lily).

Line two : Mice + Garden + Coffin + House + Clouds.

Mice - theft, deterioration, loss, damage, anxiety, stress, pests.
Garden - public, community, network, entertainment.
Coffin - a box, ending, depression, sickness.
House - home life, family, property, real estate, comfort.
Clouds - trouble, doubt, confusion, uncertainty.

When mice, and garden are together I think of a stressful event (mice, garden), that
left her feeling depressed (coffin),
caused her to seek comfort (house) in the confusion & trouble (clouds).
Maybe she was shopping for therapeutic benefit?

Mirroring cards - networking from the comfort of her home (garden, house), looking for a way to replace a lost item, or to feel good for a minute (mice, clouds).

Sorry for the less than mediocre photo, I had a teenager trying to be a part of the picture. :) lol

Hope everyone is having a lovely week. I am quite thankful that it has been a little cooler outside. Quite beautiful weather actually. We have had some rain, but I like rain, especially the smell it leaves in the air when it passes. That, and it leaves everything bright green, and pretty.

Blessed Be.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Tarot Timing & I Miss You

Tarot Cards & Timing:

I thought that I would post today about timing in Tarot. I wanted to pull out the cards that symbolize timing for me, and what they say, then if anyone has anything to add to it, they can in the comments below. I'm always up for more learning, and I find it interesting to hear about other people's thoughts on this subject. 

It's always important to remember that our actions can interrupt these predictions though! Nothing is set in stone for as long as we continue having free will.

The 8 of wands is that card that foretells something fast, and without interruption (depending on the cards next to it, of course).If you are doing a reading, and someone is asking about timing, this is a good indication that their question will manifest rather quickly with little effort on their part.

The Magician on the other hand tells you that things will manifest in a speedy manner, but not without putting your mind to it. You will have to participate in making things happen.

The knight of swords whooshes in on his horse, hair flying in the air, bringing you something fast and unexpected! Sometimes this is welcomed, other times it isn't. It can be reckless and without a lot of thought. There's a good chance that you won't even be ready when it happens.
The Chariot, full steam ahead, being pulled by two powerful horses, rushes in to tell us that things will be moving relatively quickly, for as long as the two horses and their driver aren't disturbed along the way.

The ace of wands
is also a pretty fast card. But remember to be watchful for the opportunity it brings, or else you will miss it. I think of this in terms of a wild flower. It grows quickly, but you will have to harvest it quickly before the farmer comes along and mows it down again.


Temperance is a card about finding the right mix. So if applying it to timing, it suggests that things will happen for you when the time is right, and not until then.

The Star is a wish card, and it tells you that you can be hopeful that things will work out in your favor, but again, the timing is up to the Gods themselves, or the Universe, whichever you prefer.

The Hanged Man says eventually, while he hangs in the balance, learning the lesson that he is meant to learn. This could be painfully hard to wait for, but you will walk away with a new way of looking at life.

The World, of course everything comes to a complete circle, just as the earth spins on its axis. You just have to wait a while for it to happen. Be patient, you have no choice.

The 7 of pentacles, a card that says it will happen your way, but not before you put in the effort to make it so. Be prepared to work hard.

These are just a few timing cards that I can think of at the moment. If you have more, do tell!

Over the last few days I've been able to reminisce about days gone by. (6 of cups to the left). My father came to town for a short visit. I had a nice time catching up with him. I am ashamed to admit that it has been a couple of years since I've seen him. It hits hard when you see your parents are older than you remember them as. Time moves quicker than we ever notice while we are going through it. You wake up, and one day you too are old. Anyhow, our visit was pleasant, but then it was time to say good bye. We both had a couple of tears in our eyes, hugged, and the visit was over. I could tell that he didn't want to leave, anymore than I wanted him to. (5 of cups, 8 of cups) I will cherish the memory of his visit, and hold on to hope that we can see one another again soon. Have a great week everyone.

Blessed Be.