Saturday, November 15, 2014

Has their relationship turned into a circus?

The deck used here is:
Tarot of the Zirkus Mägi by Doug Thornsjo      

The spread used here is:

Client: Male

Question: Will my relationship with my girlfriend workout?

Querent's position in the relationship. 
 Angst (9 of blades.) 

The nails in this image are placed close together, and because the weight of a person reclining upon a bed of nails is evenly distributed, these supposed instruments of torture are perfectly safe. Getting onto and off of them is far more dangerous that actually laying on them. Nonetheless they make for a suitable symbol of anxiety. 

His position in this relationship is clearly that of anxiety. Perhaps the relationship with his girlfriend was quickly built on a foundation that felt safe, but once he tested it out, it wasn't as stable as he hoped for. I think that this card symbolizes that he feels like it hurts to be in the relationship as much as it would hurt to get out of it. Maybe the relationship lasted a long time, and for that reason he resents the time he wasted on it?

Querent's partner's position in the relationship. Duchess of Rings. (Queen of Rings.) 

What stands out in this image is the rabbit. The rabbit leaps into our view urging us to be cautious where we stand and where we step next. "Look before you leap" so to speak. 

The Duchess is on a uni-cycle looking confident of her talents, but her arms still out to her side reminding her at any moment she can fall from her seat if she is not careful. 

The stage that she is on is decorated lovely showing her down to earth personality, but it is indeed a bit crowded and not giving her very much room to maneuver around. The smile on her face is also staged, for it has to be imagined first to appear there.

The girlfriends position in the relationship appears to be just as uncomfortable as his. She feels if she stops moving her feet she will fall flat on her face. Her fake smile shows that she is still trying, even if it is hopelessly. 

Basis for the relationship - the past. Opposition. (5 of blades.) 

The two men in this image stand side by side, each of their suits showing the colors of hot and cold. Their body language is showing that each feels the need to protect their own personal space. They are not talking or looking toward one another, but looking directly ahead. 

 The swords around them being 'enablers' of conflict if they were to decide to use them. You can feel the tension as you look at the image. I wonder too if the swords were already used and each is now feeling defeated but unwilling to admit to it verbally?

As for the basis of the relationship's past, it feels like they have long since fizzled out with their romantic feelings toward one another, and are now just living together as room mates, or coexisting. It is as if both are waiting for the next big fight for an excuse to flee the scene. 

What lies between them right now - the present. Winter Quarters. (Ace of rings.) 

The circus is off the road and held safely in their sunny winter quarters. Here is where they regroup and gather their resources and people in preparation for the next years circus. 

This too is where the important staff members decide who goes and who stays or even if continuing the circus is in their best interest.

What lies between them right now in this relationship is their decision to continue on with the relationship or to end it. Maybe even a division of assets between them. 

The future of the relationship. Procession. (3 of batons.) 

The circus parades through town announcing its self to the populace. This is where they make their first introduction to the people and advertise themselves. 

A successful parade is all about appearances and facades. If they look appealing to the crowd, the more spectators will pay admittance to the circus. But if they do not catch the crowds eye, than it could turn out to be a flop. 

If the money isn't there, than the circus can not go on. 

The future of the relationship stand in idle right now. I think that each of them is still trying to maintain a facade in front of their loved ones and family members. It has been a long relationship, and all that is left is to pick whether to go left or right at the end of the road. In relationship to all the cards in this spread, I would say that they should cut their losses while they are ahead. If you truly love someone, sometimes it is best just to let them go. Who wants to live a life dressed up in costumes all the time, and pretending to be happy? How many hours to do you spend putting on make up when you can just be yourself if you let go of the act? If your family members knew that you were this unhappy, the chances are, that they too would want you to make an exit at the next turn. Stop clowning around, and be the person you were meant to be. 

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