Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Greatest Desires & High School Sweethearts - Reading

Female client. Wants to know if her desire to be with her high school sweetheart will come true?

I have pieced together this spread in hopes that it will shed some light on the subject for her. I am going to call it 'my greatest desire spread.' If you have a high school sweetheart that you are curious about getting together with - let me do a reading for you. Email me and we can discuss details. Only $15.00 USD through paypal.

Is your desire possible to achieve? Ace of scrolls -
This ace says stand fast, sheer determinations and the will to succeed assure your victory. Yes this is a possible achievement.

Is it the best thing for you? 3 of mirrors -
This is the 'do no harm' card. It bodes new romance as long as it does not sacrifice the happiness of someone else.  As long as your high school sweetheart is single, then it will be a good match for you, but if he is not, wait for him instead of trying to break up his current relationship. Think 'Karma.'

If it is attained, will it last? Ace of mirrors -
This card symbolizes a steady flow of creative energy - the two candles. The turtle knows good fortune both on land and in the water. So I would say that this relationship would last if it came together.

Action to take next? Phoenix
This is always a good card to see. It is the dawning of a new day. It symbolizes a time to follow your instincts and intuition. If you do this, there will be a time to reap the rewards. If your instincts tell you to reach out to him gently, then do so. If they tell you just to let him know you are available, then do that. If your instincts tell you after doing so that you need to wait a while, then by all means, listen and wait. If you go against your intuition, it will not be good - so have patience.

Obstacle that may arise? The Weaver
The Weaver sees the world between spaces and darkness, between clarity and confusion, between fear and determination. Her vibrations are in tune with the other side. She helps you sort out chaotic trials and tribulations. If any obstacles arise with this relationship once it is attained, I think that you will get through them with little trouble. It appears that you have already learned many things about being in successful relationships already. Just be aware that people do change over time, and you will indeed have to get to know him all over again, and he will have to do the same with you.

How to get around the obstacle? The Artiste -
The Artiste is a gentle, soft-spoken person sent to inspire you through art, dance, music and poetry. Her painting is your personal journey. In order to make a beautiful painting (journey) you have to take your time and pay attention to details, but don't obsess over them. Too much obsession will keep you from completing your picture! So in order to get around any obstacles that may occur, I suggest tackling them one at a time and not obsessing over them. This too shall pass.

Outcome? 9 of mirrors
The 9 of mirrors is the wish card. You will get your wish. :) Raindrops are falling everywhere, bringing peace, balance, and harmony upon all areas of your life. A very positive outcome.

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