Saturday, February 15, 2014

Why did we break up exercise

I am so happy that I follow the blogs that I enjoy, for if I did not I would miss out on those wonderful posts that the writers share with us! Valentines Day was yesterday, and I have been single for three years, even thought the relationship was terrible, and totally toxic, this article made me wonder why the relationship did not work for him and I.

The article is fun and straight to the point. It uses the tarot brilliantly with the question, "why did he dump me?"

In my case, I am the one who finally left, but still I wondered his thoughts on the breakup. Obviously it wasn't working out and would have ended whether it was me doing the walking away, or him. We all play around with this question when the sappy day of love and chocolate comes up!

I thought I would pull a couple of cards to answer the question for myself. Wow! The cards were dead on, and it all makes perfect sense to me.

I pulled two cards with my druidcraft tarot. Not sure why I picked two. I guess because I wanted to know a tiny bit more.

This card according to the article posted by Cosmic Faery, tells me that he wanted to dump me because -

"He found it hard to compromise and balance his needs with my needs."

I totally get this! 

He even stated at the end of the relationship that we were two different people and he did not know how to bring me happiness, nor was he willing to try. Of course not, he was a narcissist. There was no room for any ones happiness but his own! At least he was honest about it, right? LOL

This card that he wanted to dump me because - 

"He needed to go away and think things through, but would be unlikely to come back, and he also thought that the relationship wasn't going anywhere."

Again! Dead on. I am the one who left once to clear my head and I know that he needed to do some thinking of his own. At the end of the relationship he also told me that he was sorry it did not work out between us, but after two years, it wasn't going anywhere. 

It amazes me how accurate the cards are. I would totally recommend this exercise to anyone who wants some answers on their past broken relationships! You only use the major arcana. 

Blessed Be!

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