Sunday, February 16, 2014

Lakota Wheel - update

At the beginning of January I did a yearly spread. I want to make sure that I update what happens each month so that I can keep track of the actually reading and if it was accurate or not. To see the original post click here.

For January 2014 this is what it said would happen:

"January 2014 - This is the month that will bring lots of transformations for me. I will feel a little overwhelmed. There will also be some confusion about a relationship with a friend that I have, and will wonder which direction it is heading. Some secrets will be hidden from me, and this person will try to keep me feeling secure through messages. What a fox! This months virtue is about Respect."

This is what actually happened:

I met a guy online. He was THE GUY man. I was totally crushing on him. We chatted for hours when neither of us had anything else to do. We both looked forward to the time when we'd chat again etc. After two weeks, I talked to him on the phone. Did not go well. I realized a few things about him that made me feel uncomfortable. After that I did not feel the same way about him, and I was wondering where things were heading. I tried to like him still, but it did not work. I stopped talking to him. So there was the confusion about a relationship as well as secrets revealed etc. Ha! What an accurate prediction. So proud of myself! Loving it. Oh and Respect - It was definitely a lesson in that!

Blessed Be

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