Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Window to the Soul Spread - Renaissance Lenormand

I found this spread and really wanted to try it out with Lenormand because it is read in combinations. It is meant for regular playing cards, but I used Lenormand because I feel most comfortable with them.

It is called "Windows to the Soul Spread." It is mean for someone who is in a new relationship and is wishing to somewhat "spy" on their partner to see how things are progressing. For those who want to know "What's going on in his/her life right now?" and for those who aren't restricted by the ethics of such a reading.

I performed it for Tracy, and let me tell you, it is super fun! I happen to know a little bit about Tracy, and her partner, so my interpretations are put into words that I know she will understand.

Tracy and her partner have been together first as friends, then as best friends, and then calling one another partners, but they still have not had sexual relations, she suspects because he is over weight and down on himself. So with that said, let me present her reading:

Cards used: Renaissance Lenormand by Bridgett Trejo

1/10 - the person whom he will spend the most time with? coffin & mice - this person will be the one who has been with him through depression and illness, someone who didn't run when the going got tough. since i know a little bit about the situation, Tracy - this is certainly you.

2/11 - the person he loves the most? fox & crossroads - there are two people he loves the most, but one is no longer in his path. the one remaining in his path, whom he loves the most is someone who knows what to say and when to say it, someone who sees all sides of a situation and is clever with a red tint to their hair. again, Tracy - i am sure that this is you.

3/12 - what is draining his energy & wearing him out? garden + ring - engagement, public agreement. since i know a little bit about the two of you already, i would say that your desire for him to take an additional step forward in your relationship wears him out, that and the idea that he knows that he needs to get out of the house more.

4/13 - the solution to that problem? book & house - wait until he is ready to reveal himself to you and is more comfortable, be patient. (oh gosh, i know, how much more patient can you get lol)

5/14 - his REAL problem? star & sun - big win / honor - he doesn't feel good enough or he feels too big. (you know what this means)

6/15 - the solution to that problem? woman & ship - for you to help him get moving.

7/16 - what shocks him? child & clover - positive new start, lucky - he can't believe that he has you in his life. he feels lucky.

8/17 - what his heart truly long for? letter & bouquet - to communicate his affection and happiness with you.

9/18 - something pleasant that will occur in the next 2 months? snake & rider - to add to this, i had to draw another card for more information, i drew the lily. i dare say that within the next couple of months your relationship will become sexual in nature. he will be more flexible around you & communicate openly.

Hope you enjoyed it Tracy. Love & Light. xo

UPDATE ** exactly two months later, they consummated their relationship. :)

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