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30 Questions About Me & Tarot

30 Questions About Me & Tarot 

1. Who or What introduced you to Tarot?

I first became interested in Tarot at the age of 13 when I was gifted my first deck from a neighbor who read the cards herself. She was the first witch that I had ever meant before, and I thought she was courageous for admitting so openly.

2. What was your first deck?

My first deck was The Rider Waite deck by Arthur Edward Waite. Nothing fancy, but it was gifted to me and opened me up to a new world and offered less conformity than the "Christian" life that I was dabbling with.

3. What is your favorite deck & why?

I have several favorites, but my newest favorite is The Housewives Tarot. I love decks with collage in them and vintage images. This one is really awesome & I wouldn't be without it again. It is fun and very easy to read with. Most women can relate to the images and openly share a laugh or two talking about them. 

4. How long have you been reading Tarot?

Since I was 13. :) I am now 36. I'm not going to do the math for you because it makes me feel old to say that number out loud! 

5. When & where did you perform your first reading?

At my friends house. We were young, boy crazy - giggling teenagers. I was at her house for a sleep over and we did readings all night for one another. It was a lot of fun. Might I mention that we were both full of sugar and up way later than her mum wanted us to be!

6. What was the first spread you learned & do you still use it?

The Celtic Cross & No, not often. I don't have a specific reason. I just prefer not to.

7. What is your favorite card & why?

The sun. Looking at it always makes me feel warm & reminds me to find something to smile about.

8. Which card do you dread pulling & why?

3 of swords - because it hurts!

9. What card comes up for you most in personal readings? Why do you think this is so?

9 of swords. I am an insomniac. I stay up way later than I should, and I never stop thinking. 

10. What card best represents your personality & why?

Justice - I am a Libra and I can see both sides to every story without judgment. I always do what I think is best for all sides. And The Hermit - because I spend a lot of time alone, in deep thought.

11. Which spread do you use most? Why?

7 day spread - as a weekly reading for myself. I journal about it.

12. Have you created your own spread before?

Not literally, but I have tweaked a few to suit my needs.

13. Is there a card that always stumps you when you draw it?

Yes - I admit, I am still hung up on court cards. 

14. What is your most frequent purpose for using Tarot?

Daily or weekly readings.

15. Text meanings or intuition?

I use both. I learned the meanings from text books, but now I read them by what the pictures say to me. I only use the text meanings when the cards do not give me anything else to go on.

16. Do you ever just use the Majors?

Yes - There are a few different spreads that I only use the Majors with.

17. Do you do readings using reversals?

Yes - always.

18. Which deck do you feel most drawn to & why?

The Steampunk Tarot by curlycue design - the images are racy and pull me into a different world.

19. Do you feel that the cards have their own consciousness?

No, but I believe that they are in tune with my own energies & offer up cards that I need to see to provide accurate readings for myself and others. They are just tools to my own consciousness. 

20. Do you read for others?

I do !!

21. How do you feel when you do readings?

I love doing readings, especially for others. It makes me feel like I am making a difference in someones life.

22. Do you charge money? Why or why not?

Yes - I believe that my time is worth money.

23. What question do you most ask the Tarot?

What do I need to know?

24. How accurate have your readings been?

My readings are very accurate when asked a question. General readings are irritating. I don't like it when asked to do them because I feel that the client is "testing me" instead of getting answers that they truly seek and want to know. I can't help you - if you can't help me!

25. What was the most dramatic reading you have ever done?

( We are now friends & I have permission to say minus a name ) I read for a lady who was in grief and wanted to know if she would soon find an end to it. When I pulled the cards, I realized straight away that her child had been taken from her and murdered. It was very difficult to say out loud what I was seeing - but I felt relief when she admitted that I was correct in my visions. It was an unfortunate thing for her, and it made both of us cry. But the reading helped her to see what she needed to do to move on and live her life instead of being caught up in her horror. I was able to validate her feelings for her and bring her comfort.

26. Have you ever done a reading that you regretted doing?

Yes. The cards told me that my boyfriend was being unfaithful to me. This caused me to investigate things and find out that they were accurate. The relationship ended. I only regretted it for a little while. Now I am glad that I got out of a toxic relationship like that one. If a man can't make me his only, then I don't want him!

27. Do you have a special time or place where you use your Tarot?

Yes. In the morning, while sipping coffee at the table.

28. Does anyone you know not agree with you using Tarot?

Yes - my whole family. They are afraid of what they do not understand and they are not willing to open their minds to it. I just live my life my way, and they live theirs- their way.

29. Have you had a Tarot Mentor?

Yes. The girl who gave me the cards taught me a bit how to use them & provided me with material to help me on my journey with the cards. :)

30. Do you practice any other form of divination? What?

Sometimes I use oracle cards, but yes - I love reading lenormand cards. :) I also use a pendulum and astrodice. 

Blessed Be.

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