Sunday, February 15, 2015

Celtic Lenormand Review

Yesterday I got my Celtic Lenormand in the mail. This is a project that my facebook friend Chloe has been working on for quite a long time. She picked the perfect artist to paint these images. I knew before I got them that they were going to be beautiful, but in person they are deserving of words far more impressive. At first I ordered through amazon, but switched over to us games because I got tired of waiting for them. It only took three days to get them through us games, so I highly recommend them!
The box that they come in is very sturdy and just as pretty as the cards themselves. When I opened the box, I was surprised to find a 187 page booklet that tells about the cards, as well as how to use them. I especially like that each card has keywords, description, meaning, spiritual reading, dark / light, spell use, timing, affirmation, and a deity association. There are a number of spreads that are very interesting. I look forward to trying them out.

There are 45 cards painted in a Brittany landscape, all Celtic themed. So colorful! They have their playing card insert on them in a small circle on the lower right of the card, and their Lenormand number on the top left. The deck has a 36 card structure that has been maintained from the traditional Lenormand system, as well as 9 additional cards added to make the Celtic Lenormand an oracle of it's own. These cards were added to bring depth to readings, and to develop and God / Goddess aspect to the cards. The Celts lived by observing the different phases of the moon, and following the concept of the wheel of the year. This deck reflects these same ideas on the cards. From the moment I peeled off the plastic and shuffled through the images, I knew that it would be a favorite deck. In fact, I plan on buying an extra to have on hand, and I rarely do that. I am as much in love with this deck as I am my own Renaissance Lenormand.

Wonderful job Chloe & Will! They are breathtaking, and I can see your love poured into them. I also want to applaud you for going forward with the project despite any flack that you might have been given for stepping off from the path of those who are more traditional in the Lenormand community. I try to stick to a very traditional reading style when using Lenormand myself, and I see no issues in using these cards while doing so. They are easy to tell each card apart and it is effortless to set aside the extra cards if I don't want to use them. I recommend this deck to everyone as both a Lenormand and an Oracle.